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This video discusses four key FORAGE reports that can help you to assess and manage ground cover and land condition on your property.

Contacts and practical information, including available services and assistance, for Queensland producers experiencing drought.

Here are a range of tools to help you make informed business and production decisions relating to your beef enterprise. All tools are provided as downloadable Microsoft Excel files. The input data…
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Find useful links to help you plan for and recover from disasters including fire, storms, floods, droughts and biosecurity incursions.

Following are some short-term management options which provide financial rewards as well as preventing animal welfare problems during extended dry conditions. At a glance Regularly reassess carrying capacity Reduce stock numbers to…
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Real examples of northern-type breeders with different body condition scores. Photographs and descriptions of body condition scores 1 to 5.

Bill Schulke Formerly Queensland Government Pastures need time to recover following prolonged drought or a series of poor growing seasons. Grazing systems that allow for pasture spelling, deferred restocking, continued drought feeding…
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Weeds are an integral, if not always desirable, part of Australian grazing systems. For specific information about weeds and weed management in your area please contact your local land protection officer, local…
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Roger Sneath Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Forage quality is impacted greatly by stage of maturity. As forage crops mature fibre increases while digestibility and crude protein decreases. A basic nutrient analysis…
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