Beef Australia 2015 mentor program an investment in the future

Young beef industry participants have a unique opportunity to follow their dreams with the support of an experienced industry leader as part of a new mentoring program from Beef Australia 2015.

The Graeme Acton Beef Connections program is open to 25-35 year olds working in any aspect of the beef industry, including production, processing, marketing, and agribusiness.

They will be paired with a mentor who has proven leadership skills in agricultural industry and will support participants to achieve their personal development aspirations.

Beef Australia Chairman Blair Angus said that the aim of this relationship is to help develop the skills and knowledge that will enable these young beef industry members to become more effective in their current roles and to take on new and exciting positions in their career or family business. The Beef Connections program has been named in honour of the late Graeme Acton, who was not only renowned for being one of the leading producers this country has seen, but also for supporting young people in entering the sector and generously sharing with them his extensive knowledge. In the same way that Graeme’s legacy is living on through his remarkable positive influence on countless people in the cattle industry, we hope that this program will also benefit the wider beef community as it will enable participants to become effective future leaders in their own right.

Successful applicants will participate in the Building Your Future Conference – a three-day personal development workshop to be held in February 2015 where participants will develop a project to be worked on with the support of their mentor.

Participants will have access to monthly webinars and one-on-one follow-up sessions to provide assistance with their personal development projects and an opportunity to share learning experiences and success stories.

Beef Connections is an initiative of the Beef Australia 2015 Next Generation committee and is being supported by Westpac Agribusiness, which saw a need to support the acquisition and retention of talented young people in the beef industry.

Westpac Agribusiness is proud to be a supporting partner of the Graeme Acton Beef Connections program. The program embodies everything Graeme Acton believed in and will ensure his legacy continues long into the future via the investment that is being made in our next generation of agribusiness leaders.

General Manager Westpac Agribusiness Steve Hannan said that under traditional corporate structures, career development, mentoring and coaching are all critical elements to ensure effective professional development of all people within a business. It is hoped that by linking young industry participants with an experienced industry leader, they will establish a personal and professionally relevant relationship that will grow over time and help guide them through the course of their career in coming years.

The mentoring program will occur between February 2015 and 2016, with all participants to be brought together in person during Beef Australia 2015.

Applications close 6 October 2014. More information and application forms are available at

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