Beef business mentoring program rolls out in southern Queensland

Beef producers in Southern Queensland are already seeing the benefits of taking time out of their businesses, to think strategically about “business” and bounce ideas off specialists and other producers.

“Better Beef Business” workshops, as part of the Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program, have commenced in Southern Queensland. The Program’s focus is on working with beef enterprises, through workshops and mentoring, to take beef business owners to the “next level” of business thinking, skills and profitability.

Business not production

The main focus of the Program is on improving “business” as opposed to improving production – though production will be discussed. It is designed to complement and build on other programs such as Grazing BMP, the EDGEnetwork suite of workshops, etc by digging down into the detail around business strategy and management.

The Program addresses topics such as:

  • How to factor changing climate conditions – into structured long term business plans
  • Increasing income and profit — by reviewing current and potential markets (including those outside of participant’s current thinking) and engaging key customers
  • Better managing people— including workers, contractors and improving family dynamics
  • How to create a high performing business — suitable for sale, or for attracting an investor
  • Managing business change over time — particularly if business control is changing hands.

The Program is also based around sharing ideas and experiences with other like-minded and motivated beef industry operators, through discussion based events.  The specialist presenters have a role in both facilitating these structured discussions, and delivering business information – from experiences both inside and outside the agri-sector.

How does the Program work?

The Program features a combination of one-day workshops and longer term mentoring with business change mentors.

The one day workshops allow participants to undertake a stocktake of where their business is now, and work out what needs to be changed or fine-tuned (“work-ons”).

The longer term mentoring program provides real support and guidance through the business change process – based on the understanding that the hardest part is not working out what needs to change—the hardest part is following through and making the changes happen. The mentors work with businesses to guide them through the business redesign or refinement process and help them stay accountable to their desired results.

Producers can also stay up to date with market updates and business tips as part of the program’s webinar / teleconference / e-mail business update series.

How can you get involved?

Workshops will be run across southern Queensland in the remainder of 2016, and move to other regions of Queensland during 2017.

For more information, visit, or contact ABDI director and program mentor Gordon Stone at or (07) 4615 2255.