Warning: don’t eat these seedlings!

Record rain in parts of Central Australia has led to a rare, mass germination event! This doesn’t happen very often and seedlings like these are key to the next 20 years of…
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A tale of two La Niñas

  Generally a La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean heralds a chance of better than average rainfall over the spring and early summer season for the east coast, and northern…
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Pasture dieback update — December 2021

After recent good rainfall across large areas of Queensland, graziers need to be to be on the look-out for pasture dieback. How to identify pasture dieback? Dieback causes pasture death, typically in…
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Mitchell grass death with Dr Phelps

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion regarding the cause of Mitchell grass death in the Australian rangelands, which prompted an active discussion on Twitter. The article below is…
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October eBulletin out now!

Are you on our distribution list? You should be! Read it all: October eBulletin The October eBulletin features: $ensible $upplementation webinar recordings If you missed the $ensible $upplementation webinars that were held…
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