Pasture dieback in Queensland – fact sheet (2017)

Pasture dieback is a poorly understood condition that causes unthrifty growth and death of otherwise very productive pastures. The condition has been identified in a range of sown and native grasses in north Queensland, Mackay-Whitsunday, central Queensland, Wide Bay-Burnett and south east Queensland regions. The condition causes large losses in beef production and is a major concern for the Queensland grazing industry. The occurrence of dieback in pastures has accelerated in recent years, however it is not a new phenomenon; dieback has been reported since the early 1990s in central Queensland buffel grass pastures.

This fact sheet covers pasture dieback in Queensland: symptoms and impact; known grass species affected; current area affected; how dieback differs from rundown; what can be done; what the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is doing, and; contacts for producers concerned about pasture dieback.

Download a copy of Pasture dieback in Queensland (PDF, 768 KB).