Forage oat variety guide 2014

The Forage oat variety guide 2014 can be downloaded from

It provides an overview of the latest practices and developments in the management of forage oat varieties. The guide was produced by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and funded by Meat & Livestock Australia.

There are a range of alternative winter forage crops available that may also suit your fodder needs. Things to consider when choosing which variety include:

  •  adaptation/suitability to your region – rainfall and temperature
  •  sowing time
  •  feed quality and quantity required and when – maturity type, height, relative dry matter production, grain yield
  •  response to grazing
  •  disease resistance
  •  seed quality/germination rate.

Check with your local seed supplier/s for more information about the forage crop varieties they sell and specific establishment and management guidelines for each.