New videos coming to FutureBeef

FutureBeef will soon launch online 15 new ‘how-to’ videos on a variety of topics for the ‘anything but average’ beef producer. With topics ranging from foetal aging and vaccination through to using…
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New and improved! Stocktake GLM for graziers

Stocktake GLM is an updated smart device application that assists beef and sheep producers with their grazing land management. Based on the popular Stocktake workshop, the app provides graziers, consultants and other…
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Beefing up your beef business with HGPs

Hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) are a group of veterinary drugs that mimic naturally occurring growth hormones in cattle. HGPs are widely used in Australia and many other countries to increase muscle growth,…
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GRASS – adding value to your grazing asset

The Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program has made huge headway in the remediation of grazing country in poor (C) or degraded (D) land condition. GRASS has a focus on improving…
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Steering your business in the right direction

There are several managements strategies or technologies that a beef property manager can consider to determine if they can improve the profitability of their business. One management strategy that is often overlooked…
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