Innovation in the rangelands

The Australian Rangeland Society is seeking potential speakers for the ARS Conference being held in Alice Springs in April 2015.

The theme for the 2015 conference is ‘Innovation in the Rangelands’, and the conference committee is currently inviting abstracts for the ‘Technologies: inventions and innovations’ session.  This will be in the form of a ‘poster session’, which will require a presentation of only a few minutes, where delegates can physically demonstrate a product, invention or technology that they have developed and explain how it is used, or present a video/poster/slideshow of their idea/concept and how it impacts the rangelands or their management of the rangelands.

Contributors to this session are required to submit an abstract for the conference proceedings. Abstracts will be accepted up until February 2015.

Anyone who manages a rangeland production system is encouraged to participate, particularly beef producers. If you are interested in participating or submitting an abstract, why don’t you explore the ARS Conference website or alternatively, contact Jodie Ward t: 08 8973 9730 e: or Kiri Broad t: 07 4650 1247 e: