Grazing BMP animal health and welfare module resources

Productive, profitable and sustainable cattle businesses have good animal health and welfare management. The Grazing BMP animal health and welfare module covers:

  1. Health management programs
  2. Extreme weather events and predation
  3. Biosecurity
  4. Animal welfare
  5. Transport.

This page summarises the references used to create the animal health and welfare module and highlights additional, complementary resources and activities that you may find useful. Visit the Grazing BMP website to find out more.

FutureBeef staff

Burdekin Fitzroy
Megan Willis Matt Brown
Karl McKellar Jo Gangemi
Melissa Holzwart Mick Sullivan

Extension activities and workshops

  • Presentation by Steve Banney, Steve Banney Agribusiness, Tuchekoi, Queensland.


Fact sheets

Web-based resources