Grazing BMP people and business module resources

To strengthen, grow or develop a successful grazing business, investment needs to be made in developing people and business skills. The people and business skills covered in the Grazing BMP people and business module are:

  1. Business knowledge and skills
  2. Human resources
  3. Workplace health and safety
  4. Chemical use and records
  5. Planning and development.

This page summarises the references used to create the people and business module and highlights additional, complementary resources and activities you may find useful. Visit the Grazing BMP website to find out more.

FutureBeef staff

Burdekin Fitzroy
Kate Brown Matt Brown
Tim Moravek Jo Gangemi
Byrony Daniels

Extension activities and workshops

Better decisions in the beef business – A two day workshop in which participants learn how to use ‘Breedcow Dynama’ to evaluate a beef enterprise.

Beyond the gate tour – Educational tour through the local meat supply chain.

Business EDGE – A two day financial and business management training workshop for northern beef producers to enhance skills to improve profitability.

Confident livestock marketing – A one day workshop to assist cattle and sheep producers to understand and apply market information in their business decisions.

Testing management options – A one day workshop to assess profitability of different management options.


The economics of beef production in Central Queensland: gross margins and production notes (PDF, 559KB), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (2007). This booklet contains technical production, market specific and economic information common to extensive beef production systems of Central Queensland.

Is it fit to export: A guide to the supply of livestock for the Australian livestock export industry (PDF, 4MB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2007). A concise pocket guide to assist industry deliver suitable animals for live export and maintain high standards of animal health and welfare during the live export process for sheep, goats and cattle.

Meat Standards Australia beef information kit (PDF, 2MB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2003). This information kit includes all the Meat Standards Australia Tips & Tools, from how to comply with the scheme to explaining the key factors which influence meat eating quality.

Northern Australian beef industry: assessment of risks and opportunities – final report (PDF, 3MB) – download from the Office of Northern Australia. Report prepared for the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum (2012).

Improving the performance of northern beef enterprises second edition (PDF, 17MB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2015)

Fact sheets

A guide to taking out contracts for cattle (2010), Meat & Livestock Australia. A user guide designed to aid cattle buyers, sellers and livestock agents in taking out contracts to buy and sell cattle.

Attracting and retaining staff in the northern beef industry (PDF, 1MB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2011). This fact sheet highlights and addresses the findings of a national workforce survey of the pastoral livestock industry.

Calculating cost of production for your beef enterprise (PDF, 634KB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2006)

Small employers – attracting and retaining staff in the pastoral livestock industry (PDF, 423KB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2011)

The European Union Cattle Accreditation Scheme (EUCAS) (PDF, 80KB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2011)

Using BeefSpecs to help meet market specifications (PDF, 189KB) – download from Meat & Livestock Australia (2009)

Software and technology

Breedcow and Dynama software package – Evaluate beef business, enterprise and management decisions (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries).

Cost of production calculator – A tool kit to help beef producers determine their cost of production and compare their performance annually (Meat & Livestock Australia).

Agbiz: farm budgeting tools – Agbiz financial tools developed by the Queensland Government to help farmers to make informed agribusiness decisions.

Web-based resources

Blueprint for maintaining mental health and wellbeing of people in rural industry, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety

Farmer safety resources, Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety

FarmSafe Australia

Information for paying staff, Australian Taxation Office

WorkCover Queensland

Who is a worker? Guidance for employers (PDF, 58KB) – download from WorkCover Queensland

Work health and safety laws: Guide for Queensland’s rural industry (2012), Queensland Government. This guide provides an overview for the rural industry about the ‘Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011’ and the ‘Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011’. It is designed to help rural industry employers and workers understand their health and safety duties in the workplace.

Guide to using rural plant, machinery and equipment, Queensland Government

Guide to animal handling and hazards, Queensland Government

Workplace rights and obligations, Queensland Government

Compliance at a glance: how do you rate? Checklist (PDF, 149KB) – download from WorkCover Queensland

Rural chemicals guide 2010, Queensland Government. A guide to managing risks to health and safety arising from the storage, use, transport and disposal of chemicals at rural workplaces. Including practical information on how to comply with the relevant legislation relating to rural chemicals.

Export slaughter intervals chemical withholding periods for pesticides and veterinary medicines, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

Property risk assessment requirements and process, Livestock Production Assurance