Central Queensland


Breedcow & Dynama herd management tool goes online

Agricultural economists at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have transformed the iconic Breedcow and Dynama herd budgeting software into a new online tool to help beef cattle producers understand the potential…
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Could canine ehrlichiosis be in Queensland?

Queensland dog owners are being urged to look out for signs of canine ehrlichiosis, a serious dog disease recently detected in dogs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Dogs can become…
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Calculating the economics of agistment

Senior Extension Officer, Roger Sneath, has created an agistment calculator to help estimate the cost and returns of sending stock away on agistment, either on a one-way trip or to return home.…
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Choosing the right bull for your herd

When it comes to choosing a partner, you typically don’t throw caution to the wind and choose any person who catches your eye! You have to understand what you’re looking for in…
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Applications are open!

The start of the 2020/2021 financial year has meant many of the prestigious industry awards are now accepting applications. Further information can be found below:   The Zanda McDonald Award Are you…
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The webinars of July

Although many events were held face-to-face in July across northern Australia, quite a number of webinars were conducted as well. Below are links to recordings of publicly available webinars that were broadcast…
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