New form process for 1080 wild dog baiting NT

New application process for 1080 wild dog baiting  on Northern Territory pastoral properties

Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Media release | 10 September 2012

From the 10th of September 2012 the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (DPIF) will be the sole access point for all permit applications for the use of 1080 for wild dog baiting on pastoral properties.

The new application process combines two forms, the Take Protected Wildlife 1080 Vertebrate Pest Control and 1080 Pest Animal Management Authorisation (1080 PAMA) into a single form, and will be processed by the DPIF.

The combined form will be known as 1080 Pest Animal Management Authorisation, and will be valid for one year from date of issue.

The one year approval will specify the total baits that can be purchased throughout the year with no further application required.

Simplifying the application process for wild dog control permits and aligning the validity period of permits allows for the more effective management and control of wild dog populations by pastoral property managers in theNorthern Territory.

Executive Director of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) Luke Bowen welcomed the changes, saying he hopes the simplified application process will allow pastoral property managers to respond to wild dog populations in a more timely manner.

1080 User Authorisation:

The 1080 User Authorisation process has not changed. If you have a current 1080 User Authorisation it remains valid until the expiry date listed on the Authorisation Certificate. To apply for a new 1080 User Authorisation contact the DPIF.

1080 warning signs:

1080 warning signs will be available for purchase at a subsidised cost from the DPIF. A purchase request will be provided with the 1080 baiting application form.

Application form:

A new 1080 Pest Animal Management Authorisation and Permit application form will be available from the DPIF Chemical Services website.

For more information contact the DPIF Chemical Services on (08) 8999 2344 or via email: