Northern graziers reminded to register now for Wambiana field day!

Northern beef producers are encouraged to register for a field day profiling the results of long-term land management and animal production research at Charters Towers.

The Wambiana research project – now in its 18th year – gives graziers a unique view of land and stocking strategies through years of climate variability.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries researchers, led by principal scientist Dr Peter O’Reagain, are now providing research results that beef producers can integrate into their own regimes.

At a time when 80 per cent of Queensland drought declared, it is a timely release of practical information.

“Strategies include heavy and moderate stocking, flexible stocking, rotational wet season spelling and combinations thereof, run in large, replicated paddocks,” Dr O’Reagain said.

“After 18 years there are dramatic visual differences in land condition and animal condition between treatments. This is supported by long-term data on animal production, profitability, pasture condition, water runoff and faunal biodiversity, as well as carbon sequestration.

“With 2015 the fourth driest year since records began in 1910, there could hardly be a better time to witness the long term effects of the different management strategies.

People attending the field day in August will have a unique opportunity to see the different paddocks and cattle, and get solid data on how the profitability of strategies stacked-up in the long term.”

Wambiana Field Day

Saturday 29 August, 2015, 9am-5pm. Lunch, smoko and evening BBQ provided.

Wambiana Station, Gregory Development Road, via Charters Towers.

For catering please RSVP 14 August, 2015.

To register for the field day, telephone 07 4761 5151, use the online registration facility via the Futurebeef website
or email or

The Wambiana Research Project is co-funded by the Queensland Government and Meat and Livestock Australia, with the continued support of the Lyons family.

Media: Louise Morgan 07 3087 8580