One stop shop for predator control

The Predator Control Field Day in Mitchell, 20 June,  will be a ‘one stop shop’ for predator control. There will be displays from a variety of different fencing companies, trapping suppliers, baiting specialists, remote monitoring, visual equipment and many more. During the day there will also be presentations from industry experts and producers on their experiences with exclusion fencing, grazing pressures, guardian animals and pig control. This field day is going to be a great opportunity for producers to come along and have all the latest information and products in the one spot. It will also be a good social day out where people can share their experiences and check out what’s new and what is working for others.

Last year the Leading Sheep team held a similar field day focusing on predator control in Longreach which was very successful with 200 people attending the day. After getting such a great response to the Longreach day the South-West committee for Leading Sheep decided they would like to do something similar in their region. The South-West committee recognises predators as one of the top threats for the sheep industry in their area and therefore they believe it is important to have a strong focus on predator control and this field day in Mitchell will be great way to bring information to local producers.

Mark it in your diary now and see the event information on the FutureBeef calendar or contact Nicole Sallur T: 07 4654 4220 or Amy Brown T: 07 4625 6129 for more information.

In November last year, Brett Carlsson from AgForce Queensland presented a webinar on Improving the effectiveness of wild dog control. You can download the presentation slides (PDF 3.87 MB) or altenatively, view on YouTube.