Our program partners

FutureBeef program partners

FutureBeef is a collaborative program for the northern Australia beef industry with partners:

The aim of the FutureBeef program is to support sustainable and profitable productivity gains for northern beef producers by building on and complementing:

  • investment and outcomes of past and future RD&E conducted by FutureBeef partners and industry
  • the sharing and collaborative development of information, knowledge and resources to more effectively and efficiently service industry
  • delivery of ‘National Beef Production RD&E Strategy’ outcomes.

Learn about the Meat Industry Strategic Plan, MISP 2020 (PDF, 4.85MB).

Read more about the FutureBeef program (PDF, 277KB).

North Australia Beef Research Council

The North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC) is an independent organisation that acts as the central consultative council comprising all major northern RD&E agencies and educational institutions (departments of primary industries, CSIRO, CRCs and universities) and producer representatives.

NABRC’s main role in implementing the national strategy is to provide a regular forum where participants can report activities and progress against the plan, and identify gaps.

NABRC provides a collaborative and open environment for this to occur and is represented at a regional level across northern Australia by 11 Regional Beef Research Committees – six in Queensland, three in the Northern Territory and two in Western Australia.

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