Promotional material

To maintain a consistent visual presence at events, a range of promotional materials have been developed. Currently available handouts and banners are listed below.

FutureBeef fact sheet
(210 kB PDF).
FutureBeef DL postcard
(251 kB PDF). Contact the FutureBeef manager for printed copies.
Website highlights
(3.2 MB PPT). Can be used at events to promote the FutureBeef website.
With compliments slip
2 per page with FutureBeef program information and map (370 kB PDF).

Pull up banners

Note: these are low resolution previews only. Please complete this booking form if you would like to borrow some of these banners for an event.

A stronger beef industry

(324 kB PDF)
FutureBeef online

(250 kB PDF)
Research and innovation

(288 kB PDF)
Strong partnerships

(201 kB PDF)
Beef breeding and genetics

(289 kB PDF)