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Cash Cow project

Preliminary results of the Cash Cow project were presented by Michael McGowan and Geoffry Fordyce at BEEF 2012.

‘Measuring the reproductive efficiency of your breeding herd’ with Geoffry Fordyce, 28:11 minutes 17 May 2012


‘Lifting performance of breeding herds in Northern Australia – findings from the Cash Cow project’ by Michael McGowan, spoken by Geoffry Fordyce, 19:27 minutes 17 May 2012

These should be treated as preliminary results and only used to indicate trends at this stage. More detailed analysis breaking it up into class of cow (maiden, 1st lactation and mature ) is being run now. The final report to MLA is due in September 2012.

For more information please contact Dave Smith T: 07 4761 5160 E:


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