The FutureBeef suite of projects range from cutting-edge research to innovative extension programs. Each project aims to address one or more of the RD&E strategic imperatives and priorities for northern Australia. These were derived from the ‘RD&E Strategic Imperatives for Northern Australia’ and the ‘RD&E priorities for northern Australia’ identified by the North Australia Beef Research Council.

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Accelerating the use of grazing land management tools (FORAGE) aims to increase the uptake of decision support tools like FORAGE to assist property managers with their grazing land management decisions.

Assessing productivity gains for cattle grazing “Redlands” (R12) leucaena in northern Queensland will investigate the performance of weaners grazing the new psyllid resistant leucaena variety ‘Redlands’ relative to an existing commercial leucaena variety (Wondergraze).


Biocontrol of prickly acacia: host specificity testing of agents from India builds on the findings of ’New biocontrol opportunities for prickly acacia: exploration in India’, and tests the host specificity of leaf-webbing caterpillars and scale insects in quarantine.


Demonstrating the effect of live-weights on heifer pregnancy rates in northern Queensland shows how heifer weight affects puberty and pregnancies.


eExtension investigates the use of eExtension tools to regularly connect and engage with clients and stakeholders.


Genotyping and phenotyping for accelerated genetic improvement in northern Australia aims to increase the accuracy of genetically describing the reproductive merit of northern breeding cattle.

Grazing BMP will develop a voluntary, on-line Best Management Practice (BMP) program that aims to help producers improve the economic and environmental performance of their enterprises.


Kidman Springs Fire Experiment tests if and how fire can be used to manage increasing woody cover in grazed savannas in northern Australia.


Leading sheep (2015-2018) aims to help Queensland’s sheep and wool producers increase their long-term productivity and profitability.

Lifting leucaena adoption in North Queensland uses a Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) to investgate establishing and managing leucaena and its impact on livestock production.


Managing the detrimental effects of indospicine through rumen metabolism aims to deliver a rumen inoculum to mitigate the detrimental effects of the plant toxin indospicine on cattle.

Myco-insecticide for nuisance fly control in cattle feedlots will improve and evaluate Metarhizium based myco-insecticide with a view to developing a commercial product for use in cattle feedlots.


Next Gen Beef Breeding Strategies for the Northern Australian Beef Industry investigates genetic and genomic strategies to increase beef reproductive efficiency in northern Australia.

The Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program aims to increase beef producer business knowledge and improve the profitability of Northern Australian beef enterprises through a structured mentoring process.

Northern Beef Futures aims to transform Western Australia’s northern beef industry through improving markets, businesses and productivity.


Polled gene marker test and fixed time insemination producer demonstration sites demonstrates using the polled gene marker test to increase the frequency of polled progeny and the use of fixed time insemination in commercial Northern Territory herds.

Precision Pastoral Management Tools (PPMT) aims to develop a commercial Precision Pastoral Management System (PPMS) that will integrate remotely collected, precision data on cattle and pasture management, using minimal labour inputs.

Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) are on-farm research and demonstration projects.

Promising pastures investigates recently released or advanced varieties of pasture grasses and legumes for beef finishing and breeding systems in northern Queensland.


$avannaPlan-Beef$ense is an integrated, on-property service that will assist beef producers to identify and implement specific financial and business management strategies to improve the viability of their enterprise.

Seed production projects aim to develop improved pasture species for the northern grazing industry.

Selected Brahman Project, Northern Territory aims to improve fertility rates in Bos indicus cattle by focusing on genetic improvement.


Walk over weighing demonstrates using walk over weighing and remote camera monitoring.

Wambiana grazing trial started in 1997 to test and develop sustainable and profitable strategies to manage for rainfall variability in extensive grazing lands.


RD&E strategic imperatives and priorities for northern Australia

The RD&E Strategic Imperatives for Northern Australia are:

  • Enhancing product quality and acceptability
  • Enterprise viability: Increasing cost efficiency and productivity and profitability
  • Enterprise sustainability: Increasing natural resource use efficiency and managed environmental impacts
  • Human capacity: Enhancing human capital – producers, researchers and extension
  • Preserving social licence to operate: Practices and perception – animal welfare and resource management

The ‘six themes or broad areas of work short-listed by NABRC as being the most important for planning of RD&E priorities’ are:

  1. Reproduction
  2. Grazing land management
  3. Nutrition and growth
  4. Human capacity and enabling change
  5. Animal welfare
  6. Information technology and Precision Livestock Management

The ‘RD&E Strategic Imperatives for Northern Australia’ and the ‘RD&E priorities for northern Australia’ are explained in the ‘Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Priorities Prospectus for the Northern Australian Beef Industry’. This document can be downloaded from the NABRC website or ordered from the NABRC Secretariat T: 07 5482 4368 or E:

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  • Queensland Government
  • Northern Territory Government
  • WA Department of Argiculture and Food
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