Casey Collier

Casey Collier

Pastoral Production Officer

Barkly extension co-ordination and pasture monitoring and assessment.

Location Tennant Creek
Region Barkly Tablelands
t. 08 8962 4493

After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus, I landed the job of pastoral technical officer in the Tennant Creek Primary Industries office. Freshly married and ready for adventure, we headed north so that I could pursue my passion for the northern beef industry and get some research experience under my belt. We decided that we would head to Tennant for a maximum of three years, then look for work closer to home back in Queensland. Almost eight years on, we are still in Tennant and I am still loving my job!

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some really interesting projects including the MLA funded Liveweight Gain Project, the MLA funded Brunchilly Phosphorus trial, the Helen Springs Producer Demonstration Site looking at setting up a bull multiplier herd on an extensive cattle property, the Alexandria Spelling and Stocking Rate Demonstration and so many more. In Tennant, I am lucky in that I get to be involved in not only the research side, but also the extension and adoption side, facilitating the biennial Barkly Herd Management Forum, the Barkly Grazing Land Management Course and presenting at the annual Barkly Rangeland Management Courses.