Dionne Walsh

Dionne Walsh

Rangeland Program Manager

Research and extension in sustainable rangeland management: carrying capacity, forage budgeting, grazing systems.

Location Darwin
Region Northern Territory
t. 08 8999 2178
f. 08 8999 2043
e. dionne.walsh@nt.gov.au

Dionne has over 20 years’ experience as a researcher and adviser in rangeland management. Her expertise is in livestock carrying capacity, land condition monitoring and advising producers on profitable grazing management systems. She considers herself privileged to have worked with producers in South Australia, the USA, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

For several years Dionne operated her own consulting business working with pastoralists, Landcare groups, government agencies and university clients. Since 2009 she has worked for the Northern Territory Government leading a team responsible for delivering research and advisory services to the northern beef industry. Today she lives on the outskirts of Darwin but her work takes her all over the NT.