Stocktake Plus – pasture management app for graziers






What is Stocktake Plus?

Stocktake Plus is a grazier decision support tool, which allows the user to monitor land condition, stock number and rainfall. It also has a forage budgeting tool to help calculate the right balance of stock to pasture available. Stocktake Plus also produces reports for all records kept, including long-term ‘benchmark’ carrying capacities for paddocks and properties.

The Stocktake Plus app has been developed after extensive industry consultation, and is designed to be a practical, work-anywhere (including outside phone range), decision support tool to help with some key grazing land Best Management Practices. The app is available for both Apple and android devices (from mid-April 2013) and best of all it is FREE to all users.

It’s an initiative of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) through the FutureBeef Program for Northern Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia, and is now available for use for all northern Australia beef producers. FutureBeef is a coordinated extension and communication program between DAF, Northern Territory and Western Australia state government beef extension services, and Meat and Livestock Australia. The program brings together practical, research-based information, tools and tips for producers to improve their productivity and profitability.

Stocktake Plus represents the next generation in FutureBeef decision support tools. It is based on the previous and well respected Queensland Government Stocktake monitoring software, but has been improved to now allow the user to complete their monitoring and calculations while in the paddock, for an immediate result.

The app also has in-built support tools including land type sheets, pasture yield photos, ground cover photo standards, accessible yield sheets, and the list goes on. Basically, everything you need to do with monitoring in the paddock is now within your smartphone or tablet. All this in one device and in one app is much better than being in the paddock and realising you have forgotten the pasture photo standards, your GPS, or camera needed to complete your assessment!

The Stocktake Plus app:

  • Assists in monitoring grazing land condition by logically guiding the user through the process, storing information, producing reports, including long-term carrying capacity calculations based on the information you enter
  • Guides the user through a basic or more detailed forage budget
  • Stores rainfall records
  • Stores stock numbers – converts to AEs, displays current stock on land condition reports and can bring stock numbers through to the demand section of the forage budget
  • Directs users to their monitoring sites using the GPS function
  • Helps the user identify what land type they are on, using the land type mapping of Queensland
  • All information is backed up securely on the internet (only accessible by the user).

Each function can be used independently, which means if you only want the forage budget functionality, you can do this. Similarly if you want to link all the information you entered from monitoring stock, land condition and rainfall, you can do that too.

The app was designed to be visual, logical and prompted for ease of use AND importantly to work without the need for 3G /4G phone reception.

Stocktake Plus has been developed specifically for graziers and agricultural advisors in Northern Australia (Queensland, Northern Territory and the Kimberley and Pilbara of Western Australia), however it has partial functionality for those in other regions of Australia. Users in other regions can still establish their own monitoring sites and produce reports in the same manner; reports will simply not calculate pasture growth and long-term carrying capacities. Forage budgeting and rainfall recording will have full functionality no matter where the user is.

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