Style guide

To ensure a consistent look and feel of FutureBeef publications and activities, the FutureBeef Brand and Style Guidelines (October 2015) (PDF, 1.7MB) covering logos and colours were developed. In addition, a collection of content considerations (such as abbreviations, spellings etc.) is provided below. Please contact us if you think of additional items.

Partner organisation names and abbreviations

  • DPIRD – Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development Western Australia (previously DAFWA  –  Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia)
  • DPIR – Department of Primary Industry and Resources Northern Territory (previously NTDPIF  –  Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries)
  • MLA – Meat & Livestock Australia
  • QAAFI – Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (collaboration between DAF and University of Queensland)
  • DAF – Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Common abbreviations in the beef industry

(a more comprehensive list is available here)

  • GLM – grazing land management
  • HGP – hormone growth promotant
  • MSA – Meat Standards Australia
  • NIRS – Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
  • NLIS – National Livestock Identification System

Other spelling and grammatical issues to be aware of

  • Dates: use Day Month Year format (1 May 2013, not May 1, 2013) and avoid superscripts (e.g. 1 May 2013, not 1st May 2013)
  • Case: use sentence case for headings (e.g. Costing nutrients, not Costing Nutrients)
  • UK spelling: use ‘s’ rather than ‘z’ (e.g. fertiliser, not fertilizer)
  • In general, spell out numbers up to nine and use numerals for numbers 10 and above.
  • One word or two?
    • liveweight, not live weight
    • cotton seed, not cottonseed

See also the DAF Communication team’s Style guide and spelling list.

Another good resource is the Style manual for authors, editors and printers (6th edition), revised by Snooks & Co. This manual was prepared for the Commonwealth Government and is used as the standard for writing style, grammar and editing for FutureBeef material.