Land types of Queensland acknowledgements

Land types of Queensland are based on a wealth of research and evolved through consultation with producers, agency scientists and extension officers.

Development and compilation of ‘Land types of Queensland’ undertaken by the DAF Grazing Land Management Workshop Team included contributions from Alexander, J; Alsemgeest, V; Anders, R; Chamberlain, J; Chilcott, C; Elphinstone, G; Hamilton, J; Holloway, C; Jones, P; Logan, A; Lynes, B; Maclaurin, A; Milson, J; Nash, G; Nelson, B; Paton, C; Phelps, D; Quirk, M; Rolfe, J; Sallur, S; Sandral, C; Schulke, B; Shaw, K; Shepherd, B; Whish, G; Witcher, L.

‘Land Types of Queensland’ were formatted by Pritchard, K and edited by Whish, G.

The following organisations contributed to the development and compilation of ‘Land types of Queensland’:

  • Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Department of Environment and Resource Management
  • Burnett Mary Regional Group.