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Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and issues from husbandry facts to biosecurity issues and safeguards and grazing land management information. These industry and region-specific newsletters, written and prepared by leading beef extension officers, scientists and industry specialists are a great resource for your business.

FutureBeef Update

The FutureBeef Update is a free electronic subscription service. Monthly updates feature the latest in research and development, news and views, and workshops and industry events across northern Australia.

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Western Australia

AgMemo is the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia’s bi-monthly enewsletter to provide growers and industry with regionally-tailored information so they can make proactive decisions for the coming season.

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Northern Territory

The Alice Springs Rural Review covers a broad spectrum of issues relevant to beef producer in the Alice Springs region. Subscribe to keep updated on the latest research, initiatives, workshops and events in the region as well as keep abreast of business services information.

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Alice Springs Rural Review - Volume 66 - December 20164.73 Mb download

The Barkly Beef newsletter is a Northern Territory Government initiative offering a comprehensive summary of the latest livestock RD&E, market and event news in the Barkly region.

Subscribe to be kept in the loop on recent new research, latest beef extension activities, workshops, training and community events.

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Barkly Beef December 20171.14 Mb download

The Katherine Rural Review is an initiative of the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Katherine. It offers new knowledge and practical advice to people involved in primary industry.

Subscribe to receive in-depth livestock and grazing management articles, latest RD&E news and achievements, updates on business opportunities, tools and services and to be kept updated on  Katherine regional events.

Read the latest Katherine Rural Review 12/2017 online

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Katherine Rural Review Edition 333 December 20171.93 Mb download

The Pastoral Market Update provides cattle market information for primary producers across the Northern Territory.

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Pastoral Market Update - March 2017436.08 Kb download

Top Paddock is a quarterly newsletter published by the Top End staff of the Pastoral Production division of the Department of Resources.

It targets anyone with an interest in the Northern Territory livestock, cropping and horticulture production sectors and contains news, project summaries, research reports, technical notes and updates.

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Top Paddock Newsletter - Issue 59 - April 20171.63 Mb download


Beeftalk is prepared for south east and southern Queensland producers. Distributed quarterly, to more than 21,000 readers through the Queensland Country Life.

Read the online Summer 2017-18 edition | View index by issue 1–44 (PDF, 471 kB)

In this issue:

  • Biosecurity remiders
  • Preventing pimelea poisoning
  • Seasonal decision dates
  • Beware weeds in fodder
  • Pasture dieback
  • New GrazingFutures in the west
  • Getting to know your soils
  • Managing giant rat’s tail grass
  • Baseline recording for Brian Pastures
Beeftalk Issue 50 Summer 2017-182.11 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 49 Spring 20171.78 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 48 Autumn/Winter 20171.90 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 47 - Summer 2016802.76 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 46 - August 20167.07 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 45 - Autumn 2016856.27 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 44 - Summer 20157.89 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 43 - Winter 20152.46 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 42 - Autumn 20152.77 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 41 - Summer 20145.69 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 40 - Spring 20144.90 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 39 - Winter 20142.57 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 38 - Autumn 20141.71 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 37 - Summer 20134.68 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 36 - Spring 20133.76 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 35 - Autumn/Winter 20131.32 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 34 - Spring/Summer 20121.33 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 33 - Autumn/Winter 2012930.84 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 32 - Spring/Summer 20111.22 Mb download
Beeftalk Issue 31 - Autumn/Winter 2011759.80 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 30 - Spring/Summer 2010804.49 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 29 - Autumn/Winter 2010781.05 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 28 - Spring/Summer 2009489.96 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 27 - Autumn/Winter 2009931.57 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 26 - Spring/Summer 2008799.76 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 25 - Autumn/Winter 2008781.34 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 24 - Spring/Summer 2007890.01 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 23 - Autumn/Winter 2007468.55 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 22 - Spring/Summer 2006519.95 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 21 - Autumn/Winter 2006655.37 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 20 - Spring/Summer 2005639.80 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 19 - Autumn/Winter 2005827.55 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 18 - Spring/Summer 2004557.98 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 17 - Autumn/Winter 2004471.89 Kb download
Beeftalk Issue 16 - Spring/Summer 2003988.19 Kb download

The CQ BEEF newsletter is distributed quarterly to producers, agribusiness and staff from industry and natural resource management organisations. It provides information on livestock, land and business management. Over 15,000 copies are distributed through the Queensland Country Life.

Read the online December 2017 edition | View index by issue 1–24 (PDF, 113 kB)

In this issue:

  • Non-herbicide GRT on farm demonstration
  • New EDGE packages
  • Our first GBMP re-accreditation
CQ BEEF Issue 31 - December 20172.43 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 30 - August 20172.67 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 29 - April 20171.90 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 29 - December 2016593.09 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 28 - Aug 20166.14 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 27 - March 2016443.61 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 26 - December 20158.78 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 25 - July 20152.34 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 24 - March 20153.04 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 23 - November 20143.81 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 21 - July 20142.37 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 20 - March 20141.86 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 19 December 20135.81 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 18 - September 20134.79 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 17 - May 20131.87 Mb download
CQ BEEF Issue 16 - December 2012502.68 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 15 - August 2012399.82 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 14 - April 2012598.96 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 13 - December 2011639.40 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 12 - September 2011494.34 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 11 - April 2011332.42 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 10 - December 2010338.86 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 9 - October 2010753.14 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 8 - June 2010336.78 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 7 - April 2010417.81 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 6 - December 2009315.33 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 5 - September 2009289.10 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 4 - July 2009340.73 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 3 - July 2008475.68 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 2 - December 2007845.77 Kb download
CQ BEEF Issue 1 - September 2007226.51 Kb download

The Northern muster captures the information needs of northern and western Queensland producers. Produced three times a year, this publication has a circulation of more than 5,000 through the North Queensland Register.

Read the online December 2017 edition | View index by issue 15–37 (PDF, 161 kB)

In this issue:

  • Market report
  • Lay of the land for working dog breeders
  • Partnering together to strengthen western Queensland’s grazing industry
  • Wet season phosphorus – how, what, why and when?
  • Maximising the value of cull cows and heifers
  • EDGEnetwork training packages revamped
  • Grazing for the next generation
Northern muster Issue 45 - December 20171.81 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 44 - August 20171.83 Mb download

In this issue:

  • Market report
  • Producers wanted for smart sensor stock theft trials
  • Research reveals ways to reduce calf loss
  • All systems go at Spyglass
  • planning ahead for dry times
  • Understanding diminishing marginal returns in a beef business
  • Looking after yourself in tough times
  • Rehabilitating fertile ground: the black basalt soil project
  • The hidden costs to drought feeding
  • $avannaPlan-Beef$ense nutures NextGen producers
Northern muster Issue 43 - April 20172.12 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 42 - December 2016632.40 Kb download
Northern muster Issue 41 - August 2016732.92 Kb download
Northern muster Issue 40 - March 2016798.87 Kb download
Northern muster Issue 39 - December 20156.53 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 38 August 20152.28 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 37 - April 20155.64 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 36 - December 20143.91 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 35 - September 20143.42 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 34 - April 20142.79 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 33 - December 20132.56 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 32 - September 20139.42 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 31 - April 20133.11 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 30 - December 20122.69 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 29 - December 20111.92 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 28 - August 20111.70 Mb download
Northern muster Issue 27 - April 20113.35 Mb download

Meat & Livestock Australia

Entice magazine is the perfect ‘how to’ beef cookbook made especially for those looking for delicious meal ideas and cooking tips.

Download the Entice magazine.

The Feedback magazine is the red meat and livestock industry journal, signposting producers to practical on-farm information and the latest technological advances that are putting Australian producers in a globally competitive position. Feedback is produced nine times per year as three editions each issue with on-farm updates and market information for the north, south-east and south-west areas of Australia. The Feedback magazine is free to Meat & Livestock Australia members.

Download the Feedback magazine.

Other newsletters

Beef Central is a free online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian beef industry.

It is independently owned and produced by two experienced rural journalists, and provides daily email updates to registered users.

Snapshot is an overview of CSIRO science news highlights for the month.

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The Beef Bulletin magazine was published by the Cooperative Research Centre for Beef Genetic Technologies (Beef CRC). Archived copies are available on the Beef CRC Legacy website.