Market decision-making



This factsheet compares the profitability of different steer turnoff ages and outlines the key factors in determining optimum age of turnoff in Northern Gulf beef production systems. As…

The feed or sell PTIC cows calculator available below may assist users to assess the benefit of feeding versus selling pregnancy tested in calf (PTIC) cows. More information…

A brief explanation of the differences between ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ cattle, and the main steps involved in marketing cattle.

You may be able to improve your profitability depending on the selling systems you choose. It is useful to keep up to date with selling options in case…

Most meat processors and feedlot operators purchase cattle on a price grid. The grid indicates by price, which are the most desirable animals and shows discounts for animals…

Marketing cattle for maximum returns is important for a profitable beef business. Find market and marketing resources, tools, useful links and videos here.

These beef business management resources are aimed at helping you to improve your bottom line, e.g. by reducing costs, improving efficiencies, etc.