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The FutureBeef newspaper features contain the latest information regarding industry relevant issues and address topics of concern. These regionally specific newspaper features, published regularly in the Queensland Country Life and North Queensland Register, are written and prepared by leading beef extension officers, scientists and industry specialists. Read the latest!

BeefTalk December 2021 (10 MB)10.31 Mb download

Beeftalk is prepared for south east and southern Queensland producers. Distributed quarterly, to more than 21,000 readers through the Queensland Country Life.

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In this issue:

  • Planning property upgrades
  • Calf birth data essential for increasing EBV accuracy
  • Updated app – Stocktake GLM
  • The value of carrying capacities
  • Flock Talk


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CQ Beef December 202111.80 Mb download

The CQ BEEF newsletter is distributed quarterly to producers, agribusiness and staff from industry and natural resource management organisations. It provides information on livestock, land and business management. Over 15,000 copies are distributed through the Queensland Country Life.

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In this issue:

  • On the lookout for pasture dieback, valuing carrying capacity, fixing erosion at Glenmaggie and Flock Talk.


October 2021 (PDF, 10 MB)

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North Queensland Register December 20216.43 Mb download

The Northern Muster captures the information needs of northern and western Queensland producers. Produced three times a year, this publication has a circulation of more than 5,000 through the North Queensland Register.

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In this issue:

  • The value of carrying capacity, new and improved Dry season management of a beef business and planning property upgrades.


October 2021 (PDF, 10 MB)

August 2021 (PDF, 7 MB)

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February 2021 (PDF, 2 MB)

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