Artificial breeding



The Strategies to increase the adoption of AI in northern Australian tropical beef genotype herds project aimed to develop optimum methods of synchronising ovulation in rising 2–year-old Brahman…

Artificial breeding of beef cattle: a practical guide is an excellent introduction to the physiology of the reproductive tract and the techniques used to successfully perform artificial insemination…

The Improving fertility to artificial insemination in Bos indicus cattle project investigated the effect of concentrations of progesterone and antral follicle counts before artificial insemination (AI) on pregnancy outcomes to AI…

The ‘Polled gene marker test and fixed time insemination’ producer demonstration sites demonstrates using the polled gene marker test to increase the frequency of polled progeny and the use of fixed time insemination in commercial Northern Territory herds.

A summary of the key components for successful artificial insemination of cattle, including a heat detection guide and a semen handling and insemination guide.