Meeting market specifications



Despite all the challenges of late – drought, fires, floods, COVID – the Australian livestock industry continues to get on with business. Now more than ever, it’s important…

High-output forage systems for meeting beef markets: Phase 1 investigated increasing profitability of growing and finishing beef cattle in the Fitzroy River catchment through more effective utilisation of…

The High-output forage systems for meeting beef markets: Phase 2 project built on findings from Phase 1 to investigate the relative profitability of six forage options for backgrounding…

The Enhancing BeefSpecs systems for improving market compliance of pasturefed beef in southern Australia project has enhanced the BeefSpecs tools to assist pasture fed beef producers improve compliance…

The ‘Commercialisation plan: 3D imaging for instant cattle measurements’ project was a study to determine market opportunities within key industry segments as well as gauge likely commercialisation pathways for the development of the 3D tool.

An important step in selling cattle is being able to match the live animal to your target market specifications. Common traits to measure include sex, dentition, liveweight, carcase…

A guide to ageing cattle by their teeth, including a table of average age and the range of ages that teeth erupt for different breeds, photos and diagrams.