Integrity Systems Company – ‘Stand By What You Sell’

Despite all the challenges of late – drought, fires, floods, COVID – the Australian livestock industry continues to get on with business. Now more than ever, it’s important we protect the reputation of our $28 billion industry.

The foundations of Australia’s red meat integrity system are Livestock Production Assurance, the National Livestock Identification System and National Vendor Declarations. This system means customers around the world trust Australian red meat is safe, ethically produced and high quality.

Have you got your integrity record keeping in order?

In this webinar recording, join Kathleen Allan (Communications and Evaluations Manager – Integrity Systems Company) when she discusses:

  • Changes to National Vendor Declarations
  • How to start using the faster, easier new eNVD platform
  • Accreditation and audits for Livestock Production Assurance
  • Transfers and reconciliations for the National Livestock Identification System
  • Linking all your integrity accounts in one place using myMLA
  • Practical tips that make accessing and using LPA, NLIS and NVD easier, so you spend less time in the office.

You can use the tabs below to either:

  • Watch the full recording or use the playlist to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation. 40:44; published 2 September 2020 by FutureBeefAu.
  • Access additional resources from the Integrity Systems Company

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Full recording


  1. Stand by what you sell (Integrity Systems Company)
  2. Agenda
  3. Integrity Systems Company (ISC)
  4. About MLA
  5. About ISC
  6. The red meat integrity system
  7. Why it’s so important!
  8. Two programs work together to underpin food safety and traceability on-farm
  9. LPA…what it means on-farm
  10. NLIS…what it means on-farm
  11. LPA NVD…what it means on-farm
  12. NVD changes in 2020
  13. New versions of LPA NVDs for all species ‘Now Available’!
  14. What’s changed?
  15. eDEC decommission timeline in 2020
  16. Can you stand behind what you sell?
  17. The red meat integrity system…It’s all connected
  18. LPA – what producers need to know
  19. NLIS – what producers need to know
  20. LPA NVDs – what producers need to know
  21. NVD’s…and filling them in – be clear, correct and complete
  22. NVD example
  23. Part A – The Questions
  24. I. On the cattle NVD, you must declare if cattle have been treated with HGP’s in their lifetime
  25. II. If you bred the livestock, tick yes…If you purchased one or more animals, tick no
  26. III. Chemical or veterinary treatments, withholding periods and feed
  27. IV. Check records to see that all animals have not been fed ‘Restricted Animal Matter’
  28. V. Check whether livestock are within Withholding Periods or Export Slaughter Intervals
  29. VI. The Declaration
  30. Part B – Livestock Carrier
  31. Specific notes for NT producers…from NT Government
  32. Mixed consignment?
  33. Faster, easier, new eNVD system
  34. Why this eNVD version is better…
  35. eNVD offline
  36. Integrity insights – LPA NVD tips
  37. Integrity insights – NLIS tips
  38. Integrity insights – LPA tips…align record keeping
  39. Integrity insights – LPA tips…what’s involved in an audit?
  40. More information
  41. Sign up to myMLA…
  42. A final reminder…the NVD is a declaration!

Additional resources:

Can you stand by what you sell?

Watch this short video to find out how LPA and NLIS work together to deliver Australia’s world leading integrity system.  A system that needs everyone in the supply chain to stand by what they sell.

How to complete an LPA NVD

Get practical tips on filling in the LPA National Vendor Declaration to make sure it’s clear, correct and complete.

Using the faster, easier eNVD

Get help with record-keeping

Integrity Systems Company has free record-keeping templates for producers so you can make sure you’ve got the right information on file to meet LPA requirements.

Using the NLIS database

Need help navigating the NLIS database? Want to know more about keeping good records for NLIS? Integrity Systems Company has a series of detailed Tech Tips files which can help.

Are livestock fit to load?

Preparation for dispatch of livestock is a key element of the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program – the on-farm assurance program which producers need to be part of to access LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVDs). Make sure animals are fit to load before loading starts. For more information, use these handy resources.


Make life easier and put all of your integrity accounts in one place, with one password.

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