Remote management systems



Detection of maternal behaviours associated with suckling in beef cattle The ‘uSuckled’ project is investigating the ability to remotely monitor suckling events using devices (such as accelerometers, sound…

The ‘Calf 48 hour’ project is evaluating and enhancing technologies to detect parturition events in cattle in order to improve diagnosis of causes of calf loss in extensive…

With current restrictions on face-to-face gatherings due to COVID-19, the E-Beef Project has moved online to maintain momentum and engagement during these unprecedented times (as well as for…

The infrastructure costs in providing communications to emerging AgTech devices are seen as prohibitive due to the extent of infrastructure needed to cover the size of properties across…

Capturing the advantages of real time information on decision making capabilities on privately owned beef enterprises.

The goal of the project is to test, validate and recommend a set of land condition products (LCPs) to help evaluate the impact of management practice, and practice…

Blogs are an effective way to engage with your target audience, informing them of updates and allowing them to make comments. They do require a significant amount of…

The ‘On-property benefits of precision livestock management (PLM) technologies and applications’ project involved researchers and commercial beef producers working together to identify how PLM technologies could be applied at the paddock-level to produce significant benefits.

The ‘On-farm demonstration of the installation and use of remote monitoring of stock water’ producer demonstration site project investigated using telemetry in a large scale commercial setting.