This booklet will give you insight into improving cow fertility while reducing cow and calf losses in the North. In mid 2021, Gulf Savannah NRM and Department of…

This series of recorded webinars is focused on supporting small landholders during times of drought and the subsequent recovery processes. This is part 5 of a 5-part webinar…

The Welfare outcomes of calves of two ages castrated by elastrator rings project investigated the welfare outcomes of calves castrated by either elastrator rings or by surgery under…

Good, low stress cattle handling improves productivity, such as liveweight gains, conception rates, weaning, meat quality, etc. and decreases your stress!

A guide to ageing cattle by their teeth, including a table of average age and the range of ages that teeth erupt for different breeds, photos and diagrams.

Dehorning is the removal of the horns from cattle. Read more about the benefits, animal age and condition, hygiene and different methods available.

Best practice cattle husbandry is crucial to running a beef business – to meet animal health and welfare standards, and for optimum animal performance.