Improving Productivity and Profitability in Grazing – Technology Driven Decisions (E-Beef online series #1)

With current restrictions on face-to-face gatherings due to COVID-19, the E-Beef Project has moved online to maintain momentum and engagement during these unprecedented times (as well as for your safety and wellbeing).

The E-Beef online series involves four sessions over four weeks in June (2020), providing landholders, extension staff and industry stakeholders with key insights on new and emerging technologies relevant to the grazing industry.

This is the first webinar recording in the four-part E-Beef series that focuses on improving productivity and profitability in grazing.

This recording discusses some available technologies that can be used to drive on-property decision-making processes:

  • satellite imagery data for pasture and grazing management
  • walk-over-weighing systems for capturing real-time data remotely.

By watching the full recordings you will hear from three very experienced presenters:

    1. David Phelps (Principal Grazing Land Scientist, DAF) when he provides a background E-Beef, including aims and objectives and talks about the pasture greenness index.
    2. Grant Stone (Principal Scientist, DES) when he discusses the growing field of satellite imagery and the sorts of tools available e.g. FORAGE.
    3. Tim Driver (Director, Precision Pastoral | Tru-Test) when he details walk-over-weighing in cattle production systems and how to get the most out of the technology.

You can watch the full recordings or use the playlists below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentations.