Improving Productivity and Profitability in Grazing – Managing for profitability (E-Beef online series #2)

With current restrictions on face-to-face gatherings due to COVID-19, the E-Beef Project has moved online to maintain momentum and engagement during these unprecedented times (as well as for your safety and wellbeing).

The E-Beef online series involved four sessions over four weeks in June (2020), providing landholders, extension staff and industry stakeholders with key insights on new and emerging technologies relevant to the grazing industry.

This is the second webinar recording in the four-part E-Beef series that focuses on managing for profitability in grazing.

These recordings focus on some of the key challenges and opportunities for grazing businesses to improve their profitability, and explores some of the tools to help them do it:

• Optimising profitability and resilience in beef businesses.
• Online business management tools for graziers.

By watching the full recordings you will hear from two very experienced presenters with exceptional insights into managing beef enterprises:

1. Maree Bowen (Principle Research Scientist, DAF) when she discusses the findings of a comprehensive economic study of Queensland grazing businesses.

2. James Walker (Managing Director, AGRIHIVE) and Jodie Knowleton (BDO Food and Agribusiness) when they discuss the AGRIHIVE Program, an online management tool that has been developed to help graziers take control of their business.

You can watch the full recordings or use the playlists below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentations.

Full recordings

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