Improving productivity and profitability in grazing – Technology Showcase – Part 2 (E-Beef online series #4)

With current restrictions on face-to-face gatherings due to COVID-19, the E-Beef Project has moved online to maintain momentum and engagement during these unprecedented times (as well as for your safety and wellbeing.

The E-Beef online series involves four sessions over four weeks in June (2020), providing landholders, extension staff and industry stakeholders with key insights on new and emerging technologies relevant to the grazing industry.

This is the fourth webinar in a four-part E-Beef series that focuses on improving productivity and profitability in grazing.

It is also the second session that showcases new and emerging technologies in the grazing industry that are being trialled as part of the E-Beef Project.

  • Virtual fencing technology solutions for producers.
  • New generation ear tags for capturing greater insights.
  • Improved grazing productivity using pregnancy-testing technologies.

During this session, you will hear from three companies at the forefront of grazing technology:

  1. Tammie Robinson (Agersens) when she explores the automated movement of cattle using eShepherd.
  2. Lewis Frost (Chief Operating Officer – Ceres Tag) when he discusses a new satellite smart ear tag that improves provenance and animal welfare.
  3. Colin Hammond (Managing Director – Catagra Group) when he details new pregnancy-testing technologies that provide more information to producers, and improved welfare for livestock.

You can watch the full recordings or use the playlists below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentations.