Options for a connected northern beef industry

The infrastructure costs in providing communications to emerging AgTech devices are seen as prohibitive due to the extent of infrastructure needed to cover the size of properties across northern Australia. For many property owners, it is difficult to justify the business case with a lack of proven returns on new technology across such a large scale. However, future technologies promise significant improvement for on-farm connectivity.

Join Nigel Tomkins (MLA), Bryce Leedham (GHD Digital), Steve Drury (NAPCO) and Alana Boulton (MLA) when they explore the current connectivity opportunities (in Australia) that provide best returns on effort and investment in this recorded webinar.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.  39:57; published 9 April 2020 by FutureBeefAu.

Download a copy of the presentations:

  1. A connected Nth Beef – Nigel Tomkins (PDF, 2.09 MB)
  2. Remote Connectivity-Bryce Leedham (PDF, 2.05 MB)
  3. Connectivity adoption – Alana Boulton (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Full recording


  1. Options for a connected northern beef industry – Introduction (Nigel Tomkins)
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  8. Options for improving telecommunications across northern Australia for a connected beef industry (Bryce Leedham)
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  10. One size doesn’t fit all: implementing a technology mix
  11. Report findings
  12. NBN Business Satellite
  13. Internet of Things (All in one satellite)
  14. Creating ‘Connected Cattle’
  15. SpaceX Starlink: The next big (small) thing?
  16. A conversation with Steve Drury (NAPCO) on their digital experiences
  17. MLA – connectivity adoption and why it’s important (Alana Boulton)
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