Archived CQ BEEF features

CQ BEEF is a newspaper feature distributed in the Queensland Country Life newspaper.

Please find below archived editions of the CQ BEEF editions dating back to 2007.


EditionTopics discussed
DecemberPasture dieback, phosphorus nutrition, journey to regeneration, Ametdale land condition recovery strategy field day, and Flock Talk.
OctoberFlock Talk, irrigation options for WA producers, extent of rural debt revealed, vibriosis, cattle performance aids management decisions and more.
AugustMarketing options explored, Breedcow and Dynama herd budgeting software now available online, biocrusts, making dry season supplementation work, and Flock Talk.
JuneUsing the right vaccination technique, offline mobile map apps, cattle health declarations available online, determining when to sell, and Flock Talk.
AprilBenefits of preg testing, quantities of buffel grass pastures, Calf Watch project update, pasture dieback, and Flock Talk.
FebruaryPhosphorus supplementation proves profitable, applying for a rebate, choosing the right pain relief, review of the season, storing supplements correctly, and Flock Talk.
EditionsTopics discussed
SummerStrength in numbers, crunching the numbers on liquid supplements, pastoralist's pain relief story, African swine fever, and economic modelling tools assisting drought response and recovery.
SpringUpdate on pasture research, pasture dieback research, spelling over summer, and Flock Talk
AutumnLick troughs, dry season supplements, pasture dieback, costing supplements, reading a dry lick label and more.
EditionTopics discussed
Spring/summerChanges to the tick line, FORAGE, the Sweet Spot project, managing biosecurity, drought assistance, predicting performance from space, understanding climate forecasts and business planning.
WinterRepronomics, heifer mating management, new research for CQ beef producers, grazing essentials, dry season feeding and genetic tools to improve carcass traits.
AutumnEnd of wet season planning, bull selection and management, Grazing BMP, farm safety and chasing beef herd performance.


EditionsTopics discussed
Spring/summerNon-herbicide GRT on farm demonstration, new EDGE packages, Grazing BMP reaccreditation.
SpringBotulism, getting started with BREEDPLAN, getting ready for CalfAlive.
AutumnSmart sensor stock theft trials, targeting buffalo flies, North Australian Beef Research Committee.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerPlanning gives legumes a leg up, what about the next drought, cover crops, Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge, Reef Trust, Grazing BMP.
WinterBecoming FMD prepared, phosphorus supplementation, improving fertility with genetics, new biosecurity laws, Northern Beef Research Update conference.
AutumnIndian couch invasion, phosphorus deficient cattle, leucaena rumen inoculum, StockTake plus, Grazing BMP, erosion field days, water on the land and how you can use forages.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerUpdated Business EDGE workshop, tick control, Mount Owenee heifer trial, establishing legumes, selecting the right legume.
WinterGetting the most out of high output forages, Grazing BMP, grazing management is key, long term research sheds light on grazing management.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerGrazing best practice, botulism, BREEDPLAN, global beef demand, vegetation management, wet season spelling case study, water quality, calculating tank capacity, and much more.
SpringTicks, managing feeding regime for cost effective results, supplementation, tick fever management and bull buying.
WinterIndian couch, effective vaccination strategies, Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge, leucaena toxicity, producer demonstration sites, walk-over-weigh at Richmond, and beef finishing systems.
AutumnClimate watch: when is it too late, pestivirus vaccination, drought aid, making sense of weight data, feeding phosphorus during the dry season, and testing cattle ticks for resistance.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerGrazing BMP, Breeding EDGE workshops, calculating your green date, selection for better breeding performance, spelling strategies and more.
SpringFertility drives herd direction, evaluating current business practices, cattle versus carbon, forage options for CQ, pasture rundown, good legume establishment, Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge, and more.
WinterBovine Johne's Disease, next gen beef breeding strategies project, improving profitability, forage legumes for clay soils, pasture recovery after flood, vibriosis, Grazing BMP, positive land management results, helping CQ producers meet market specifications, StockTake plus and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerNitrogen the key to preventing losses due to pasture rundown, climate update, FNIRS, spelling strategies, soil organic matters, soil carbon, managing for land condition, and more.
SpringBundaleer legume trial results, Indian couch, managing breeders for improved productivity, fixed time AI, and more.
AutumnTargeting better beef performance, Tropical Beef Technology Services, lantana fly, meaty award for David Hickey, Beef Australia 2012, Hudson pear, weaning and worm management, and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerLessons learnt soil testing, climate watch, considerations for the upcoming wet season, spelling strategies, NLIS technology, leucaena rumen inoculum, new leucaena variety, heifer puberty and pregnancy, improving fertility in tropical breed females, do your own field trials,
SpringAsking climate questions, using cow pats to manage nutrition, ag-economics in USA and Canada, a day of high finance, bull selection tips, remote water monitoring, and more.
AutumnWet season management, Stocktake, buffalo fly, selection index, leptospirosis in people and cattle, producer case studies, and Grazing BMP.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerEconomic evaluation of forage options for CQ, emerging livestock precision management technologies, evaluating pregnancy testing results, Northern Grazing Systems project, days to calving tool, responsible management of leucaena, and producer profile.
SpringGood seasonal conditions a cause for optimism, photographs to monitor land condition, Landcruiser versus Datsun - know what you are buying, breeder reproductive performance and management field day, buffel pasture rundown, controlled mating, ripping prior to planting leucaena, and producer profile.
WinterWeighing weaners, managing variability in beef herds, tick fever, beef business performance, preparing for 'Probe' 2010, using NIRS results and post weaning diarrhoea.
AutumnPlanning for weaning and preg testing, Breedcow herd budgeting software, observations of beef business performance, accelerated adoption of leucaena, budgeting for pasture, and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerControlled mating, compensatory growth, reef rescue, global economic crisis eases, the economics of land regeneration, supplementation day, Profit Probe, rural skills acknowledged, healthy waterways, producer demonstration sites, producer profile and more.
SpringVegMachine, ground cover mapping, deep ripping before planting leucaena, using KPIs for business management, monitoring worm burdens, forage feed options and a producer profile.
WinterKangaroo grass, carbon, Grazing Land Management workshop, NLIS producer demonstration site, meeting MSA specifications, Profit Probe and more.
EditionTopics discussed
WinterWet season spelling, water quality monitoring, feeder steer versus Jap Ox, black speargrass, spotlight on beef industry economics, and a producer profile.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerBreeder condition at the end of the dry, history of buffel grass pastures, property mapping and planning, research update, landholders managing natural resources, and more.
SpringProfit Probe, property mapping and planning, backgrounding versus Jap Ox production, and more.