Archived Northern Muster features

Northern Muster is a newspaper feature distributed in the Queensland Country Life and the North Queensland Register newspapers.

Please find below archived editions of the Northern Muster editions dating back to 2011.

Northern Muster

EditionTopics discussed
DecemberCatching a silent killer, develop a burning strategy and desmanthus on the rise.
OctoberIrrigation options in WA, extent of rural debt revealed, Advancing Beef Leaders, and cattle performance data
aids grazing decisions.
AugustUsing fire as an affordable management option, herd budgeting tool now available online, biocrusts, pasture dieback, and new health declaration available.
JuneRedlands leucaena is up to the job, offline mobile map apps, GrazingFutures, improving natural resources, and Advancing Beef Leaders.
FebruaryPain relief options, reef protection, focussing on long term recovery, and Gulf pasture response to flood.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerPastoralist trials pain relief, Sweet Spot project, what if rain doesn't arrive, phosphorus in the north, and toxic botulism.
SpringBoosting pasture recovery, bull buying made easy, benefits of new leucaena variety and an introduction to the Paddock Power project.
AutumnFinancial help for flood affected producers, the effects of floods, encouraging Mitchell grass recovery, phosphorus supplementation, the economics of phosphorus supplementation, business improvement strategies for pastoralists in the Pilbara and Kimberley.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerThe Sweet Spot project, better landscape utilisation without fences, predicting animal performance from space, new standards for working dog breeders, Barcoo Beef Challenge winners announced, Kidman Springs phosphorus trial results, cull cows, understanding seasonal climate forecasting, minimising biosecurity risk, and making the most of FORAGE.
WinterHeifer mating - what works in the south spells disaster for the north, QRIDA, the benefits of selecting on genetics, infrastructure development, repronomics, BREEDPLAN, and buying better bulls.
AutumnAdapting and changing, Northern Grazing Systems project update, adaptive management at the Wambiana Grazing Trial, options to increase productivity, improving your beef enterprise, desmanthus, Grazing BMP, Calf Alive and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerMarket report, lay of the land for working dog breeders, GrazingFutures, wet season phosphorus supplementation, maximising the value of cull cows and heifers, grazing for the next generation and more.
WinterMarket update, Grazing BMP, leucaena leading productivity, aerial seeding of desmanthus at Wambiana, beefing up business skills, nailing supplementation, tail hair samples identifying genetics, supplementation, weaner wisdom, business benchmarking, and more.
AutumnMarket report, smart stock theft sensors, reducing calf loss, planning ahead for dry times, understanding diminishing marginal returns in a beef business, rehabilitating black basalt country, hidden costs of drought feeding, and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerSuccession, live ultrasound carcass measurements, cut the bull, best management practices driving sustainability, heavy stocking rates leave you short, aiding Mitchell grass recovery, tactics for tough times, preserving pasture for the future, and more.
WinterMarket report, managing breeder body condition, improved pastures minimise sediment loss, wet season spelling benefiting pastures and pocket, leucaena learning, Northern Gulf news, weed control day, foot and mouth disease, Pest Animal Symposium, new biosecurity laws and more.
AutumnAgForce's mapping services, bolstering BMP, Wambiana grazing trial strategies, restocking, live export, Southern Gulf NRM, weed control innovation, climate change impacts, Indian Couch, managing shrub regrowth, Spyglass Research Facility update.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerImproving beef business performance, good neighbour program, market report, scrotal size, declaring war on weeds, recording phosphorus intake, investigating heifers after low calving rate, secure your future, MSA feedback on the go, stopping the spread of prickly acacia, planting legumes amongst buffel, flexibility drives profit at Wambiana, target your market, Stocktake Plus, Northern Beef Producers Expo, reduce rubbish to reduce rabbits.
SpringMarket report, prickly acacia spread, bull selection and forecasting el nino.
AutumnMarket report, digital soil mapping, reproductive performance, weighing cattle, estimating pasture yield, Climate Clever beef, CashCow project update, MSA optimisation, Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge, drilling for water, and rehabilitating land.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerMarket report, Beef Expo, Spyglass NIRS, urea supplement, about P8, managing climate, deer study, the digital homestead, faecal seeding, and more.
SpringMarket report, Spyglass research, weaner feeding, leucaena trials, sown pastures, Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge, Malanda Carcass Challenge, dehorning, and more.
AutumnFire management, market report, drought aid, avoiding Indian couch invasion, StockTake Plus, progardes, surviving the drought, meat matters and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerSpyglass research, 2013 cattle market report, drought support, stress management, Grazing BMP, spotlight on Beetaloo Station and more.
SpringPCAS good news, drought aid, weaner feeding tactics, climate tolerant fodder, rubberbush, beef challenges, fertility drives profit, tick fever threat, bull selection season and more.
AutumnCalatrope weed control, beef cost controls, market matters, dealing with the dry, Soils4Grazing project, getting the pasture balance right, inside the US livestock industry, benefits of fixed time AI, and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerSpyglass on show, thank you Alan Laing, Tablelands fertiliser trial, market report, Multimin and weaners, improved animal health, progeny testing, preg testing at Mount Emu, herd productivity, Tick Fever Centre, phosphorus manual and supplementation options, carbon farming initiative, Next Gen Beef Up, wet season spelling, stylos, pasture legumes for clay, satellite imagery, prickly acacia, and more.
EditionTopics discussed
SummerUnderstanding the MSA grading system, climate watch, herbicide residues, Richmond beef challenge, lease renewal processes, market report, bushfires, water quality project starts, fertilisers and legumes in reef catchments, Hendra virus, worm drench resistance, and the Australian Poll Gene Test.
SpringBill Holmes retires, Grazing BMP, beef business training, tick fever, rangelands conference, winter rain not good for grass, using vaccines, male age of turnoff critical, market report, state of the environment, bull selection tips, phosphorus supplementation, managing wynn cassia, managing sulfur and copper, dry season management and grader grass alert.
AutumnBreedcow and Dynama herd budgeting software, HGPs, woody species invasion, tick fever, stock theft, post cyclone recovery, boosting profits with good weaner care, Gulf graziers managing for environmental sustainability, resilience of the Gulf plains, and big wet, big feed, lower dry season feed quality.