Age of steer turnoff – a look at Northern Gulf beef production systems

This factsheet compares the profitability of different steer turnoff ages and outlines the key factors in determining optimum age of turnoff in Northern Gulf beef production systems.

As part of the Drought and Climate Adaptation Program, the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is investigating a range of management strategies and technologies aimed at helping primary producers better manage drought and climate impacts. One of the resulting works is the Northern Gulf Beef Production Systems Report which analyses the economic implications of management decisions that can be applied to beef businesses in the preparation for, response to or recovery from drought.

Using a representative property in the Georgetown area this factsheet details the comparative economics of turning off steers at different ages and the affect on the overall herd in each scenario. Key observations from years of analysing beef businesses are outlined to share advice on how to ensure the most profitable scenario for your business.

Download your copy here: Age of Steer Turnoff Factsheet (4MB)