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FutureBeef eBulletins are a monthly electronic newsletter delivering the latest in beef and rangeland research straight into the inboxes of beef producers, advisors and interested parties in northern Australia.

Please find below FutureBeef eBulletin editions dating back to April 2013.

FutureBeef eBulletin

EditionTopics discussed
December 2022How to make an informed decision in changing conditions, developing biotechnology to reduce methane emissions, demystifying carbon projects webinar recording, new sustainability platform pilot, sterile leucaena variety trial success and more.
November 2022Phosphorus supplementation provided $7.66 return on investment, the tips and tricks to wet season spelling, twilight forums a hit in northern WA, legume establishment case study from Theodore, pimelea information day recordings, new Indicative soil phosphorus report available from FORAGE, Australian Feedbase Monitor, innovation grants available in the Kimberley and Pilbara, and even more.
October 2022Signs of overgrazing with Dr Dionne Walsh, legume spread and persistence case study from Dulacca, a cattleman’s view of grazing land management (Central Australia), updated resources for south east Queensland, new vaccination guide for northern Australia, potential trade implications of a foot-and-mouth disease or lumpy skin disease outbreak, and much more.
September 2022Stylos to boost beef production, customising a lick recipe to ensure adequate intakes, Akaushi bulls in Central Australia, Kidman Springs BeefUp forum wrap up, beefing up farm biosecurity, emissions from grazing systems.
August 2022Burning – a cheap pasture management option, assuming bull buying responsibility, wild dog exclusion fence saves northern hairy-nosed wombat, what a beef extension officer does, mapping reminders e-book, mulga country recovery, leucaena leaf testing, Matt Richardson is Runner Up Queensland Rural Ambassador and emergency animal disease update.
July 2022Foetal ageing for future flexibility, new Long Paddock poster maps, when to start supplementation this dry season, emergency livestock disease eHub, understanding the figures in bull sale catalogues, a case study featuring a grazier’s experience using drones, self herding techniques help keep cattle at new waters in Central Australia, Pilbara twilight forum and a brand new publication: Stylos in Queensland.
June 2022Pregnancy testing for forward planning, a faecal seeding legumes case study, bull breeding soundness evaluations, the realities of foot and mouth disease, being bushfire ready, the beef industry trifecta, pasture dieback app, NT ringers learn how their pay is grown, and new members of the Advancing Beef Leaders alumni.
May 2022Getting the best out of your weaners, live export price indicator, pain relief strategies, bushfire preparation for Central Australia, pasture dieback trials, new members of the Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, forage budgeting, and much more.
March 2022Using decision dates to make management plans, no eggs in poddy calf milk, farm business essentials webinar recordings, options to reduce emissions and restore carbon in the NT, legumes, pasture dieback update.
February 2022Vaccination best practice, rail transport and MSA grading, pain relief case study, new faces in NT Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, GRASS program, disaster assistance for the Wide Bay-Burnett and drought longevity maps.
EditionTopics discussed
December 2021Wet season spelling with Ben Bennetto of Virginia Park, Charters Towers, the La Niña of 2020, Pathways to carbon neutral grazing systems webinar recording, sterile leucaena in WA, preserving Mitchell grass seedlings in NT, and quantifying the impact of grasshoppers in 2020 and 2021.
November 2021Transporting cattle safely with Melinda Leeds (WA beef producer), pestivirus overview, nine ways to take advantage of the beef trifecta, pain relief producer demonstration sites underway.
October 2021Ageing cattle by their teeth, a case study featuring how the need for efficiency drove data collection and utilisation, Mitchell grass death on the Barkly, biosecurity in WA, Wisdom from Wambiana, and Advancing Beef leaders.
September 2021Climate outlook, land condition guides for the NT, irrigated pasture and fodder field walks in WA, pimelea management survey, and the true cost of vibriosis.
August 2021GrazingFutures Roadshow summary, Carbon Neutral Grazing Network, Mosaic agriculture in WA, research update from the NT Team, ParaBoss, pasture dieback field day, Indian couch research update, and vale Jack Wheeler.
July 2021Gully erosion 101, grants available for biosecurity related research in WA, new research drives development of ecosystem service benefits, Sensible supplementation workshop for the Mulga Lands, phosphorus supplementation aids high returns in the Southern Gulf, the launch of the Central Queensland Advancing Beef Leaders program and much more!
June 2021The role of reference populations in genetic evaluation, adding value to your grazing asset in reef catchments, economic impacts of management decisions in the Mulga Lands, beefing up your business with HGPs, new and improved Stocktake GLM, parthenium or sticky florestina, doubling carrying capacity with leucaena, investigating the risk of irrigated buffel causing oxalate poisoning in the NT, lumpy skin disease alert, plus others!
May 2021GrazingFutures case study featuring early weaning and risk mitigation, online pastoral remote sensing tool in WA, new herbicide for prickly acacia control, E-Beef Mount Surprise Innovation Hub update, age of turnoff case study, NT pastoral feed outlook and the 2020-2021 rainfall poster map update.
April 2021MLA's top tips for getting calves on the ground, Becoming Lender Ready webinar recordings, Producer Demonstration Site participants wanted in WA, Pasture dieback on the Darling Downs, testing and refining new birth alert technologies in the NT, alternative livestock production systems feasibility study released for central west Qld and more.
March 2021Making the most of the forecast webinar recording, Surviving and Thriving in NW Queensland, canine ehrlichiosis update, cattle industry projections, addressing land condition issues and identification of toxic and non-toxic varieties of rattlepods.
February 2021A new podcast from the Western Australian team, liveweight gain on leucaena, protecting riparian zones with the GRASS program, gamba grass eradication assistance and more...
January 2021Calculating your green date, guide for aboriginal landholders participating in the carbon market,  application of drones in the beef industry, woody cover change, using data to catch a silent killer, and more...
EditionTopics discussed
December 2020Climate and water outlook, woody cover change in northern Australia, earmarking and branding requirements may change in WA, spreader banks for water retention case study, Central Australian Self Herding project, forecasting for decision making and more.
November 2020Climate and water outlook, developing sterile leucaena, Wambiana grazing trial field day, "Run less cattle, make more money and improve water quality downstream", new pasture growth tool, Paddock Power on Central Station, agtech field day at Brunners', and new online tools now available.
October 2020NB2, supporting client decision making, WA rangelands memo, Breedcow and Dynama goes online, how to choose a sire when you can't attend a sale in person, the economics of agistment, regenerative agriculture in the desert, canine ehrlichiosis, Central Station's Cattle Station Classroom podcast.
September 2020Fertility EBVs, choosing the right bull for your herd, ecosystem services, learnings from drought, preventing in-grown horns, improving profitability and drought resilience in the Northern Downs of Qld, bull power and ratios, COVID health management plans, and more.
August 2020NLIS and LPA working together, the GRASS program, biocrusts, sterile leucaena trials in WA, NT Pastoral Feed Outlook, updated rainfall and pasture growth posters.
July 2020Climate and water outlook, good land condition pays premiums, meeting climate extremes head on, GrazingFutures case study with Colin Burnett, investment in WA's north, Advancing Beef Leaders, and more.
June 2020High energy dryland sorghum, restrictions to dog movements out of WA, reflections from an old dog, diagnosing P deficiency, Redlands leucaena final report, drought declarations in Qld.
May 2020Waterponding, NT Pastoral Feed Outlook, post flood recovery, E-Beef project, finding the cause of calf loss, building new pasture growth models, concerns of pasture dieback re-emergence.
April 2020Muzzles for working dogs, fake meat, grasshoppers in north-west Queensland, offline mobile map apps, agtech at the Westech Steer Challenge, feedlotting in Queensland's north and more.
MarchRisk of reduced pasture growth, reducing calf loss from exposure, farm management technology, minimising weedy Sporobolus species, redefining the Adult Equivalent and more.
February 2020E-Beef field day, self herding report, GRASS project, white grass, calf watch project and more.
January 2020Farm management economics with Fred Chudleigh, wet season spelling, beef business analyses, rebuilding infrastructure, WA's latest Rangeland Memo.
EditionTopics discussed
December 2019Innovation hub, Beyond the dry times field days, Kidman Springs phosphorus supplementation trial update, investment in leucaena worth the wait, Walk Over Weigh field days, drought resilience and recovery options for Central  West Queensland and more…
November 2019Developing sterile leucaena, Wambiana grazing trial field day, running less cattle and making more money while improving water quality, new pasture growth tool, ag tech field day summary, among others…
October 2019Vaccination best practice, pimelea, fly tags, Barfield Road Producer Group, Goshen field day wrap up, the influence of MJO in Halls Creek, Western Australia, to name a few…
September 2019How to shop for the best bull, using pain relief in the Kimberley, Industry Recovery Officers, GrazingFutures update, drought map update from Long Paddock, Ametdale field day summary, and more…
August 2019Controlled mating for a successful enterprise, Redlands vs Wondergraze leucaena, spying on cows from space, improving and increasing resilience in the northern Gulf, legume establishment day, among others…
July 2019Understanding percentile data, NT Pastoral Outlook, ifarmwell, to name a few…
June 2019Blood testing and land type mapping leads to cost effective supplementation, plant poisoning alert, improved land type mapping, testing tropical legumes at Allora, to name a few…
May 2019Decreasing grazing pressure at Rocklands Station, plant biosecurity, bull selection, gully erosion guide, investing in irrigation in WA, and more…
April 2019Remote water monitoring cameras, soil moisture storage, changes to Meat Standards Australia, ground cover report, Self Herding project update…
March 2019Getting the most from NLIS, working with DAF Ag Economists, pasture dieback, improving resilience and business performance in the Fitzroy and the Northern Australia Climate Program…
February 2019Mitchell Grass Downs seasonal pasture growth forecast, improving performance with phosphorus, managing feathertop with fire, Grazing BMP, calculating breeder mortality, and more…
January 2019FORAGE reports, legume establishment, NT Pastoral Outlook, Profitable Grazing Systems and others…
EditionTopics discussed
December 2018Market insights, historical pasture data, mosaic agriculture, Self Herding update.
November 2018The cost of calf loss, bull bonanza, Business Improvement Grants program and more...
October 2018Strategies to improve profit and resilience, key decision dates, fire scar reports, Young Beef Producers Forum.
September 2019Ag economists assist local producers, wetland management in the Fitzroy Basin, helping innovators make big ideas happen, and more!
August 2018Improving profitability and sustainability, vale Dr Brian Burns, sterile leucaena and more...
July 2018What's in your lick, due diligence, calf alert, feathertop wiregrass and BeefUp Forums
June 2018Forage budgeting at Brian Pastures, self herding in Western Australia, Rising Champions Initiative and a few more
May 2018Calf loss in northern Australia, agri-business management program, pasture dieback, and vet students gaining industry experience.
April 2018Fit to load guide, boosting calf survival, optimising profit and resilience and a summary of the Northern Australia Climate Program.
March 2018ifarmwell, Beef Australia 2018, new look Long Paddock website, Grazing BMP and more...
February 2018Forage oat variety guide, optimal growth pathways for CQ and water monitoring grants.
January 2018Forage budgets, absence of phosphorus limiting productivity and pasture dieback.
EditionTopics discussed
December 2017New research in Pimelea toxins, Masterclass for Burdekin graziers and benefits of seasonal mating.
November 2017Wet season spelling - a grease and oil change for your grass, NLIS workshops for producers, wetland management on Fitzroy Basin grazing properties and investing in total grazing management.
October 2017Growing business skills, pimelea toxin project, DCAP news, improving beef productivity with perennial legumes.
September 2017Pasture dieback in Queensland, farm safety and efficiency and new electronic NVD system delivers supply chain benefits.
August 2017Queensland drought mitigation centre, all you need to know about biosecurity plans, producer information day at Gayndah, Foot and Mouth Disease awareness and good on-farm biosecurity practices.
July 2017Biosecurity planning workshops, new guide to help reduce weed risks when feeding cattle, and new version of herd budgeting software available.
June 2017Protecting your business with a biosecurity plan, Johne's disease and the Queensland beef industry, succession planning and farm management grants, funding for women's leadership grants, and Grazing BMP.
May 2017Future drone innovation challenge 2017, beef language white paper, Farmecco and principles to follow for using vaccines effectively.
April 2017Understanding price grids and carcase feedback, drought wellbeing service and Queensland Rural Women's Awards.
March 2017Prepare now for a possible dry winter, keeping speargrass productive, beef business mentoring program and biological soil crusts.
February 2017Using your forage oats guide in Queensland, spelling strategies to improve pasture condition, nutrient requirement cheat sheets, and planning for the dry season.
January 2017New cattle webinar standards, Pilbara climate report reveals agriculture opportunity, and the new Bureau of Meteorology app.
EditionTopics discussed
December 2016Growing grass for good ground cover, Grazing BMP, Carbon Link roadshow, Business Improvement Grants, mosaic agriculture in WA's north, strengthening your role in farm debt mediation and much more...
November 2016New leaf rust-resistant oat variety, step-by-step guide to increase northern beef productivity, training support and expertise to benefit your grazing business in the Fitzroy, rapid detection of bovine respiratory disease, plus others!
October 2016Opportunities for restocking after drought, technology and investment on show at AgFutures conference, using drones in the grazing industry, counselling for primary producers recovering from drought, and so much more...
September 2016Workshops to improve soil, pastures and waterways, trial results highlight Pilbara irrigation potential, managing a successful AI program, amongst others...
August 2016In it for the short game or the long haul, staying safe on the farm, beef business mentoring, repronomics, and more...
July 2016New biosecurity laws, vegetation of Queensland, winter crops in the Pilbara, regeneration activity or development opportunity. Read more...
June 2016Bovine Johne's Disease and the new Biosecurity Act, mentoring opportunities, Northern Beef Infrastructure review completion, workshops and training, and opportunities.
May 2016Dry season pasture budget - a guide for stocking rates, preliminary hay analysis provides positive results for remote irrigation trial, be FMD aware. be FMD prepared and other northern beef industry information.
April 2016Transport subsidies, new innovative beef supply chains in Thailand, professional development opportunities, coping with mental illness in the bush, navigating disaster support and others...
March 2016Building a multi-generational business, leucaena bugs, Pilbara's water resource data, and FORAGE: a new tool to help your grazing management.
February 2016MLA industry projections 2016, new forage oat variety guide, making hay in the Pilbara and planning for the upcoming dry season.
January 2016Leadership opportunity for beef producers, Beef Connect webinars, report examines Pilbara irrigated agricultural development options and a few others.

EditionTopics discussed
December 2015Keeping dung beetles in pastures, rabbit biocontrol, new biosecurity act video and beef bites.
November 2015Dr Richard Silcock retires, irrugation trials break new ground in Pilbara, northern beef futures, woody thickening reducing carrying capacity, and others.
October 2015Bull selection roadshow hits the bitumen, overview of WA beef industry, new soil conservation guide for Queensland, the inner workings of drought and this month's beef bites.
September 2015Your Emissions reduction fund questions answered, new biosecurity laws, pursuing greater profits, September 2015 beef bites, and more...
August 2015Tackling beef business viability, Savanna Plan Beef Sense, animal production in Grazing BMP, pimelea poisoning and other topical issues...
July 2015Congratulating Emma Hegarty, prosperous, sustainable and resilient enterprises, collective approach to Pilbara irrigation, and upcoming events.
June 2015FORAGE tool now available, Grazing BMP influences practice change, mapping the Pilbara's irrigation potential, measuring sustainability, and more...
May 20152015 industry projections from MLA, high quality forages, banking on better business decisions, and professional development opportunities.
April 2015Understanding the potential for irrigation in Pilbara, and Beef Bites.
March 2015Forage budgeting, safety on cattle stations, ChemClear collections, and then some!
February 2015MLA industry projections, rangeland monitoring proves success on Ruby Plains, new interest rates for productivity loans and a couple more...
January 2015Upcoming events.

EditionTopics discussed
December 2014Natural resource management spatial hub, countdown to Beef Australia, Northern Beef Futures, and more.
November 2014Kidman Springs field day, green paper for agricultural development, biosecurity regulations, innovation in the rangelands, and more!
October 2014Strong Rural Women's Award, careers in the beef industry, how to penetrate the value chain, bucks for brains, burn your bush before it bites back, and new FORAGE reports for the Burdekin.
September 2014CFI methodologies get underway, sustainability matters, gut microbes, and a few more...
August 2014Kidman Springs field day, tropical forage selection, bush bible and an online tool to assess farming diversity options.
July 2014Genetic selection when buying bulls, market information mobile app, sustainable grazing guide, Pasturefed Assurance Cattle System and local BeefUp forums
June 2014Using remote monitoring sensors in remote Australia, long-term rangeland monitoring, a decade of LPA and predator control.
May 2014Queensland beef industry action plan, high output forages for Central Queensland, CashCow key messages, and more...
April 2014Pre-loading heifers with phosphorus, Rural Financial Counselling Service, forage budgeting, pasture rundown and more....
March 2014New body condition guide, supplementation demonstration in the Pilbara, future leaders in the Territory and new code of practice for livestock transport.
February 2014High out-put forages, farm exit study, host a Grazing BMP workshop, quantifying labour input and a few more.

EditionTopics discussed
December 2013New and improved poll gene marker, Graeme Elphinstone retires, Trudi Oxley and welcoming the Livestock Biosecurity Network.
November 2013Drought focus on national television, Old Man Plains research station, vitamin A deficiency in cattle eating drought affected pastures, quantifying labour input.
October 2013Telemetry in motion, telemetry passes the test, BeefUp Forum success in NT and the RIRDC Rural Women's Award.
September 2013Pasture management for south-east Queensland, evaluating economic performance of different finishing systems, the Bull Power project, Beef CRC fertility outcomes and others.
August 2013Guidelines for the development of extensive cattle stations, Stock Take Plus user guide, red witchweed, drought relief for Queensland farmers, and upcoming events.
July 2013Managing cattle on deteriorating pastures, Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System, assessing land condition and financial assistance for Bovine Johne's Disease.
June 2013Dry season management, drought relief for Queensland farmers, breeder mortality calculator, cattle industry biosecurity fund, and upcoming events.
May 2013Stock Take Plus, field day at Katherine Research Station, increase awareness of weight change between yarding and delivery to export yard, leucaena and welcoming Matt Fletcher to the WA DPIRD team.
April 2013GLM at Liveringa, influential women, Beef Connect webinar series, cattle welfare standards, Hendra virus vaccine arrives, delivering the perfect steak with a new MLA mobile app.