Burdekin beef extension team

Beef extension services — Providing locally relevant information and support for your beef business.

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Bec Clapperton Townsville 0477 345 843
Brad Hough Townsville 0436 863 380
Emily Crowe (Economist) Mackay 0476 120 737
Jo Gangemi Charters Towers 0438 553 483
Karl McKellar Charters Towers 0418 189 920
Lara Landsberg Mackay 0436 631 543
Megan Willis Townsville 0467 801 777
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What’s in it for you?

An independent and confidential service for whole of business support, providing practical options relevant to your business.

Who we are:

Regionally based, Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, specialist beef extension officers.

What we do:

Support beef businesses to adapt and grow.

How we do it:

  • Get to know you and your operation and understand your expertise and strengths.
  • Share evidence of improved business performance achieved in your region and help you connect with like-minded producers.
  • Assist you to indentify and evaluate strategies relevant for your operation.
  • Link you to service providers offering technical and financial assisstance.
  • Support you to implement new practices.
  • Provide follow up assisstance as you trial new strategies.
  • Help you to assess and review what works and what doesn’t in your business.


The driving force of your production potential.
Turning pasture into beef as efficiently as possible.
Ensuring a future for your family.


Land and pastures

Beef extension services can assist with:

  • property planning and mapping for infrastructure development, grazing land management and biosecurity
  • assessing land condition and developing strategies for improvement, including land rehabilitation
  • pasture development planning options for your land types based on what has worked in your region
  • implementing grazing strategies to maximise production and build your land asset
  • assessing the benefits of new technologies for your operation
  • information on climate and carbon and how to create a carbon account
  • accessing available funding and connecting with other relevant organisations.

Tools we use:

  • Stocktake – paddock-scale land condition monitoring tool to assess carrying capacity and calculate forage budgets.
  • FORAGE – online, web and email-based system generating climate and pasture information customised reports for individual properties.
  • Mapping – individual property maps incorporating paddocks, water points, infrastructure and land types are created for business that engage in projects.
  • VegMachine -online tool utilising decades of satellite imagery to assess vegetation trends over time at a property and paddock level.
  • Ready Reckoners – simplified pasture budgeting options.
  • Australian Feedbase Monitor – pasture biomass monitoring tool available to LPA accredited producers.


Beef extension services can assist with:

  • implementing an efficient livestock recording system
  • crunching the numbers to analyse your herd performance
  • boosting your breeder performance
  • setting your weaners up for success
  • optimising genetic selection and using EBVs
  • analysing sales data and marketing options (weaners, feeders, bullocks, trading) and potential returns
  • reviewing your animal health and welfare program
  • practical nutrition strategies and free comparison tools to maximise the return on supplement
  • assessing the benefits of new technologies for your operation.

Tools we use:

  • Feedcalc – spreadsheet comparison tool to quickly analyse differences between supplement options considering both cost and efficiency.
  • Breedcow & Dynama herd budgeting – software package used to assess choices for management options for large scale beef cattle herds.
  • A large range of tools, templates and calculators to assist with production recording and decision making.

Linking you to relevant support, training and resources:

  • Field days, workshops, paddock walks and neighbour days
  • Peer to peer producer groups
  • FutureBeef – website, webinars and podcasts
  • Producer demonstration sites
  • MLA EDGEnetwork – Business, Breeding, Nutrition, Grazing Land Management and Grazing Fundamentals


Beef extension services can assist with:

  • undertaking a business health check
  • developing a business plan to:
    • manage risk
    • build business capacity and financial literacy
    • identify areas for growth and improvement
    • optimise family/staff involvement
    • enhance access to funding
  • pre-succession planning and strategies to support family business communication
  • comparing the profitability of a range of management strategies
  • meeting your industry and legislated obligations (e.g. WHS, LPA, NLIS, biosecurity)
  • assessing the benefits of new technologies.

Tools we use:

  • Breedcow & Dynama herd budgeting – software package used to assess choices for management options for large scale beef cattle herds.
  • A large range of tools, templates and calculators to assist with production recording and decision making.

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