Learn more about the business side

Since the Business EDGE workshop kicked off in 2011 there have been 50 workshops held across northern Australia, with hundreds of owners, managers, employees, accountants, bankers and other industry professionals attending to improve their business skills.

At the start of each event we ask each participant why they came to the Business EDGE workshop. The responses are varied, but one that seems to come up more than others is “to learn more about the business side”. Other ones that come up a lot are to “get everyone on the same page” and to “make sure we are headed in right direction”.

The Business EDGE was developed to meet this demand for a better understanding of business performance. It takes widely used business and financial principles and terminology and applies them to grazing businesses in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. This helps producers understand their business performance, what is driving it and what they can do to improve it.

So if you think you should learn more about the business side of things, there are a number of Business EDGE workshops scheduled in 2019. Visit www.bushagri.com.au/businessedge for more information, download the workshop flyer (PDF, 2.3 MB), or visit the Futurebeef events calendar.

Here’s a couple of stories about what other beef producers have recently had to say about how attending Business EDGE workshops has helped their enterprise: