Pasture dieback industry network

Applications are open for the Pasture Dieback Industry Network

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is conducting a new project co-funded by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) to work closely with industry and graziers affected by pasture dieback. This new project (titled: Grazier engagement to increase knowledge, skills and ability to combat pasture dieback) will be conducted in Central Queensland. The project will form the DAF Pasture Dieback Industry Network in which participants will have the opportunity to work with the DAF pasture dieback team to learn more about the condition, and help shape the direction of future research.

A group of interested graziers and industry representatives will be formed and participants will be provided with the latest research findings, given the opportunity for dieback to be diagnosed on property and understand management strategies. Group members will be encouraged to learn from each other, as well as have the opportunity to host on-farm trials, and contribute soil and plant samples from their properties for diagnostic research. Several forums, field days and a bus tour are planned for the group.

The project will run from August 2020 and aims to:

  • Increase participants knowledge, including current research, about pasture dieback
  • Support participants to accurately identify and diagnose pasture dieback on their property
  • Increase participants understanding of potential causal agents
  • Increase participants understanding of practices that could be used to combat pasture dieback
  • Streamline information collection of pastures affected by dieback across the state

What’s in it for you?

  • Have dieback on your property formally characterised and identified
  • Have your questions answered about dieback, voice your ideas and suggestions
  • Learn about other graziers’ experiences including options to restore productivity
  • Receive research updates from DAF scientists
  • Opportunity to have field trials conducted on your property
  • Opportunity to participate in a one-day forum
  • Opportunity to be involved in a bus-tour to another region to view research sites
  • Opportunity to attend multiple group events e.g. field days and workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in economic analyses of dieback impact

Members of the Pasture Dieback Industry Network must:

  • Be willing to learn about dieback in a group setting and be a constructive participant
  • Be willing to participate in workshop forums
  • Be willing to participate in field days or paddock walks
  • Be willing to participate with on-farm characterisation of dieback – allow DAF staff to visit your property and undertake surveys
  • Be willing to host a trial site, or provide ideas on what trials should be undertaken in your local region
  • Be willing to share information regarding dieback, collected on their property, with the dieback program

If you are a grazier or member of the beef industry in central Queensland who would like to apply to be involved in the DAF Pasture Dieback Industry Network and have the opportunity to participate in the first forum on 8 September, please fill out the application form before 25 August. Applications received after this date will be included in the broader member group. Numbers at the forum may be limited depending on the location and the venue’s COVID Safe Plan.


  • February 2022: Registration information for the Central Queensland workshops, field trial site update and the new New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Pasture Dieback Identification Guide
  • September 2021: Feedback reviewed, workshop reconstructed, a series of workshops planned for south east Queensland
  • August 2021: Information on upcoming workshops, update on field trial sites, new map of areas affected by pasture dieback, recap of Gayndah field day, watch our recorded seminar at Beef Australia 2021.
  • April 2021: Field trial site updates, new factsheets, paddock walk recaps, pasture dieback on the Beef Australia program, rescheduled bus tour, pasture dieback on the Darling Downs.
  • January 2021: Register for the pasture dieback bus tour, preliminary Beef Australia 2021 program, the first funded GRASS project.
  • December 2020: Update on pasture sampling at field trial sites, Pasture Dieback Bus Tour, DAF’s diagnostic work and phosphorus deficiency in cattle.
  • November 2020: Field trial sites progress report, answers to your pasture dieback question, insect identification resources, and DAF’s new GRASS project

To find out more

For more information please contact:

Stuart Buck, Senior Agronomist, (07) 4843 2605 or

Nicholas Brazier, Pasture Agronomist, (07) 4843 2631 or

Kylie Hopkins, Beef Extension Officer, (07) 4843 2615 or

How to apply

To apply to be a part of the DAF Pasture Dieback Industry Network, click here.