Clermont Cattlemen’s Challenge 2023

The 2023 Clermont Cattlemen’s Challenge ended recently with the Clermont Cattle King and Queen announced at the Clermont Show Grazier’s Lunch and Presentations. This year, the title was shared between James and Aleisha Pisaturo from Inga Downs, Dingo and the Anderson Family from Narrien, Clermont who tied on 17 points.

Clermont Cattlemen's Challenge 2023
The winning exhibitors

The competition saw 11 exhibitors enter a pen of 5 weaner steers suitable to grow for the 100-day grain fed market into the annual competition in May last year. The 55 steers were agisted near Belyando Crossing until early February 2023 when they were transported to a local feedlot for finishing for 100 days on grain.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries staff organised two field days to share information with the wider grazing community and check in on the steers’ progress.

At the Feedlot Field Day on the 19th of May 2023, exhibitors selected one steer to compete in the carcase section of the competition and three to be judged on the hoof at the Clermont Show as a pen of three steers suitable for the 100-day grain fed market. A cube roll from each carcase steer returned to the Show, to participate in a taste test competition. Points were awarded for placings in each of these categories, along with meeting the entry requirement of weighing less than 320kg and the pen of three steers with the highest weight gain over the course of the competition (12 months).

The average weight of all steers on entry was 301kg. They averaged 429kg at feedlot induction and 649kg at the Feedlot Field Day before the carcase steers were removed. The winning pen of three gained 397kg over the course of the competition.

The performance of the steers this year was one of the best averaging 0.5kg/day over 256 days on grass and 2.09kg/day for 105 days on grain. This did result in 6 of the 11 carcase steers yielding a carcase weight above the optimal 320-340kg and 8 of the 11 carcases losing points for more than the optimal 10-12mm of fat cover. Interestingly, despite heavier carcase weights, eye muscle areas were all below 80cm.

The 5 place-getting cube rolls from the judges’ choice were kindly donated by the vendors for auction at the Presentation Lunch. They raised $29,500 for the RFDS and CQ Rescue.

A big thank you is extended to all sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers who make the Clermont Cattlemen’s Challenge such a success.