The 2010 Pastoral Industry Survey – Northern Territory Wide

The previous Northern Territory Pastoral Industry Survey of 2004 was the first comprehensive report on the industry’s practices and plans that had been collected since the early 1980s. The results attracted great interest and showed a remarkable transformation of the industry over that 20 year period. It was decided to repeat the survey approximately every five years to monitor the progress of the industry as it evolves. This survey report is based on the 2010 calendar year. While the changes between 2004 and 2010 were less dramatic than those reported in 2004, the data shows a steady development in the industry with significant investment in infrastructure and improved management. Authors: Trisha Cowley, et al., Northern Territory Government, Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, 2015.

Download a copy of The 2010 Pastoral Industry Survey – Northern Territory Wide (PDF, 1.38 MB).