The Indigenous GrazingforProfit™ School is a specially tailored school delivering a life-changing experience for participants. The school shows participants how the four key areas of a grazing business – people, business, land and livestock – all work in with each other, and gives the participant the knowledge to become an even better land manager.

During the 3.5 day school, attendees will:

  • learn about the money story of the business
  • discover ways to improve grazing country
  • understand their role and opportunities to positively affect the business
  • identify what is working and what is hurting the business
  • develop a tailored drought management plan
  • improve animal health and performance
  • grow more grass from less rain
  • communicate better
  • set goals, define direction and make better decisions.

Attendees will walk away from the school with the skills of a successful grazing business manager, able to improve land, production, business and lives of themselves, their families and employers.

This is a Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development supported event. Thanks to this support, the course price is $500 per person including GST.


Email your registration form (PDF, 1 MB) to or call RCS on 1800 356 004.