FORAGE Long-Term Carrying Capacity report

The FORAGE Long-Term Carrying Capacity report estimates the average number of stock a Queensland grazing property can carry over a long period of time – through good and poor seasons, including extended periods of dry conditions and drought, with no decline in land condition.

Long-term carrying capacity information is important for:

  • planning for property improvements, such as fencing and watering points
  • estimation of long-term numbers for breeder herds, and grower or finishing operations
  • property purchasing and selling decisions; and
  • determining changes in carrying capacity associated with changes in land condition.

Through the FORAGE decision support system, the free Long-Term Carrying Capacity report is auto-generated and provides an objective estimate of the fully-watered long-term carrying capacity of your selected Lot(s) on Plan, measured as the total adult equivalents (AE) (AEs: 450 kg cattle consuming 8kg DM/day), that can be safely carried for a land type, land parcel or property. Long-Term Carrying Capacity calculations take into account the property’s climate, land types, tree cover and land condition.

The Long-Term Carrying Capacity report provides consistent and independently validated information that is the product of many years of scientific research and grazier experience.

Key information provided in the report includes:

  • a summary table of Long-Term Carrying Capacity (AE & ha/AE) under A to D land condition
  • long-term average feral animal and kangaroo numbers estimated as AEs
  • a property map with estimated Long-Term Carrying Capacity for A condition
  • land type and Foliage Projective Cover used in the pasture growth simulation
  • indicative safe stocking rates under A condition
  • annual and summer season rainfall
  • modelled annual pasture growth.

It is important to note that values in the Long-Term Carrying Capacity report are an indication only. It is recommended to use these estimates in conjunction with regular land condition monitoring and pasture budgeting. For assistance with these activities, contact your local extension officer.

How to request Long-Term Carrying Capacity report

Go to the FORAGE page on the Long Paddock website. Select Long-Term Carrying Capacity from Report drop-down list and select your property by using Lot(s) on Plan, entering your property street/road address, or by using the geolocation tool. A PDF report will be emailed to the provided email address.

For more information about the FORAGE Long-Term Carrying Capacity report (including guides and frequently asked questions), please visit Long-Term Carrying Capacity report FAQ or contact Giselle Whish, Land Science Senior Scientist, or Grant Stone, Grazing Land Management Principal Scientist.

This work has been funded by Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP) and Reef 4-year collaborative DES/DAF “Inside Edge for graziers to adapt to Queensland’s drought-prone climate” project.