Future Drone Innovation Challenge

Drones will soon be engaged in wide and varied activities including boosting crop yields, assisting in the management of stock, checking water assets and paddock health, assisting in future Hollywood blockbusters and delivering parcels!  It is a business that is due to boom more than 6,000% by the end of this decade. The global market for commercial applications of drone technology, currently estimated at about USD $2 billion, will balloon to as much as $127 billion by 2020 according to consulting group PWC LLP.

A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors is already starting to cater to clients involved in the agriculture, land management, energy, and construction sectors. Many of the vendors are small(ish) private companies and start-ups, with large defence-focused companies and industrial conglomerates beginning to invest in drone technology too.

Future Drone Innovation Challenge

The Future Drone Innovation Challenge is a new event for Queensland. To be held 8-10 September 2017 at the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus, the event is organised and promoted by World Drone Challenge who bring together drone enthusiasts from across Queensland and Australia, creating a vibrant start-up style entrepreneurial environment, where passionate people can come together to just get things done!  An environment to learn rapidly, network, bridge the gap between industries and trades, researchers and enthusiasts, expose potential, and create and see actual results. All in one weekend!

How does the Future Drone Innovation Challenge work?

The event will launch with a number of problems defined by stakeholders as worth solving (there are prizes on offer). The remaining ideas will be generated by the participants themselves. Challenge teams will form around popular ideas and stakeholder problems. Teams then begin to hack/ work on solutions and new business ideas. Mentors and owners of the problems provide input and support across the weekend. At the end of the event, the teams pitch their solutions and business ideas to a panel of judges and the prizes are awarded. The IP generated by teams is owned by the teams, and once the event is completed, stakeholders and other interested parties can discuss acquisition, hires and investment.

How do I participate?

Do I have to come with a team? No, you can come on your own and join a team on the Friday night.

May I bring my own team? Yes, you may.

Keep an open mind though, at these types of events you may discover an awesome new team member willing to join you or you may lose a team member to another team that is working on something they are even more passionate about! You need to have at least two people to make a team. Only teams can compete, no sole participants. You must be in a team. Facilitators and mentors will assist you to create, form or find a challenge team.

I have a problem I’d like solved

Innovation events like this are especially good for the Australian beef industry and beyond, where many problems have been identified and a solution is needed.  If you have a problem you’d like solved at the Future Done Innovation Challenge weekend, then you can contact David Masefield (david@worlddronechallenge.org) or Josh Keegan (josh@worlddronechallenge.org) to discuss.

For more information and to find answers to frequently asked question, visit www.worlddronechallenge.org.