Got gamba grass? Get help through the Gamba Action Progam

Gamba grassA new 2020-2030 Weed Management Plan for gamba grass has been developed that establishes goals, objectives and management requirements for owners and occupiers. The overall aim is to reduce the risk and damage caused by gamba grass, and the destructive fires it fuels to the natural environment, life, property and infrastructure. Click here to see the new 2020-2030 Weed Management Plan and the discussion paper about the development of this plan.

Community participation in the implementation of the Plan will be vital for controlling the spread of gamba grass and minimising its impacts on the environment, human safety and the environment. The Plan outlines requirements to be met by landowners, occupiers and all persons to comply with the Weeds Management Act 2001.

The Northern Territory Government is currently running the Gamba Action Program from 30 November 2020 until the end of April 2021 to help land owners control gamba grass. Through this program you can access free herbicide, loan spray equipment and weed management advice. For more information phone 08 8999 4567 or view further information online: Free help to control gamba grass.