Grazing land management EDGE

Grazing land management EDGE is a three-day workshop to give you a thorough understanding of the grazing land environment in which you operate – it will provide you with knowledge to strategically manage your grazing business, so you can optimise your land condition and productivity in the long term.

Attending this workshop will help you to:

  • understand how your land types influence productivity
  • recognise the dominant land types in your region and on your property
  • understand how soil properties influence plant growth
  • understand soil health and the factors that impact on it
  • know what land condition is, how it’s assessed, and how to manage livestock to maintain or achieve good condition
  • understand the role of fire in your country
  • understand the role of sown pastures in grazing enterprises
  • understand the principles and planning steps for successfully managing weeds

What you will learn:

  • selective grazing, its function, and how to reduce impacts
  • how to identify key plant species
  • the ecosystem processes that underpin productivity
  • basic principles of effective grazing systems
  • how to assess long term carrying capacity of paddocks and properties
  • forage budgeting to manage variation in pasture on offer
  • how to choose appropriate tools and strategies to improve land condition and carrying capacities

The workshop package consists of a three-day workshop (with a paddock session) and uses an interactive style, building on the participant’s knowledge. Materials provided include workshop notes, a technical manual and reference material. The price also includes all morning teas, afternoon teas and lunches for the duration of the workshop.

Who leads the workshop?

  • Workshop leaders have considerable practical experience in grazing land management
  • Our team understands the practical application of grazing land management strategies at property level and has ongoing involvement with research and development
  • In addition to their technical expertise, they have high level facilitation and communication skills to deliver an informative and value-packed three day course

Previous attendees have said…

“I will be able to go make more concise educated decisions regarding grazing management while improving my land and pasture condition.”
“This will be the first workshop I have felt inspired to go home and implement what I have learnt.”
“Fantastic. I learnt so much and it was a relaxed learning environment. I can definitely use all the tools I have learnt here in the workshop.”


$1,750 plus GST for one person from a business
$1,450 plus GST each for two or more people from the same business

For more information and to register your interest contact your local beef extension officer or visit the FutureBeef event calendar for dates and locations of upcoming workshops.

Watch the Grazing land management EDGE information video by Meat & Livestock Australia.

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