How to be profitable in the north

A new manual produced by MLA provides a roadmap for northern beef producers wanting to improve their bottom line.

Improving the performance of northern beef enterprises – key findings for producers from the Northern Beef Report focuses on the traits of producers in the top 25%. One of their main attributes is they control what they can control by:

Influencing their herd productivity

  • increasing the reproduction rate
  • decreasing mortality
  • hitting turnoff weights quickly.

By being business savvy

  • thinking independently and differently
  • taking a business-like approach to decision making
  • having a plan and sticking to it
  • seeking new information, assessing it and applying it to benefit their business
  • getting the simple things right (reproduction rate, mortality and turnoff weight).

By managing their operating expenses

  • variable costs are targeted and effective – every dollar invested needs to make a return
  • focusing on scale to decrease overheads
  • improving labour efficiency.

For more information, download the Improving the performance of northern beef enterprises (PDF 17 MB).